Kate Middleton news: Hidden meaning behind ‘nervous’ Kate’s hand movements in latest clip

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, 38, appeared on BBC Breakfast to talk about a topic close to her heart – early years learning. The Duchess of Cambridge was interviewed by a BBC Breakfast host Louise Minchin and chatted to parents of young children for the special clip to promote the BBC’s new Tiny Happy People education initiative for children aged zero to four.

Kate looked chic as ever in a black and white polka dot shirt dress as she opened up about the struggles of first time parenting and dubbed the Tiny Happy People initiative “gold dust for families.”

Speaking about Ryan, one of the fathers taking part in the project Kate said: “He’s learned a huge amount from Tiny Happy People.”

She added: ”It’s information like that I wish I had had as a first-time mum, it’s gold dust really for families to be given those tips and tools to be able to use, particularly in those first five years.”

Kate spoke animatedly as she perched on a wooden crate in the grounds of Sandringham following a get together of people taking part in the Tiny Happy People project.


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According to a body language expert, the Duchess was “in her element” as she gushed about one of her passions.

Energy reader Alison Ward told Express.co.uk: ”Kate clearly in her element here as she is able to demonstrate her knowledge as a parent and supporter of the BBC’s Tiny, Happy People project.

“Her natural warmth, knowledge of the subject, and connection with the parents are evident.”

According to Alison, Kate used her hands a lot to relay an enthusiasm she couldn’t capture in words alone.

The body language expert said: “The gesticulation of her hands shows how words are not enough to express her passion for the topic.”

While Kate’s body language looked “nervous” and “uncomfortable” to begin with she visibly relaxed the more she spoke, Alison claims.

She said: “At first, Kate looked a bit uncomfortable, nervous but as she started talking and getting into the subject she became Kate, the mum, and advocate.”

Alison claims Kate seems to have found “her true calling” in advocating for early years learning.


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The expert added: “Kate clearly has found her true calling in her role as a royal princess and mum of three.”

Kate made her passion for the subject clear when she launched a nationwide survey into young children’s development earlier this year.

The Five Big Questions survey aimed to “spark a national conversation” to help create “lasting change for generations to come.”

Kate and Prince William have given several interviews in recent months and been candid about their lockdown experience.

The couple with tasked with homeschooling Prince George, six, and Princess Charlotte, four, while also caring for their youngest Prince Louis, two.

Speaking to the BBC Breakfast host, Kate said: “Louis doesn’t understand social distancing.

“He goes out wanting to cuddle anything. Especially babies younger than him.”

While speaking to other parents, Kate emphasised the importance of parents communicating with their children regularly in the first five years.

Kate said: “I think it is really hard, there is so much focus during pregnancy and when you have just got a newborn baby on the physical development of your baby and you as a mother.

“But what I really think is missing and what I have found is the support for how to develop their social and emotional development.”

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