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EACH time Kate Middleton steps out for a Royal engagement or public appearance, there’s one thing you can guarantee – her skin will be glowing. 

And now, after years of wondering what her secret is, it seems beauty fans have finally been let in on one of Kate’s rumoured go-tos.

While she’s kept largely tight-lipped about the products in her beauty cabinet, the 41-year-old reportedly favours collagen in both her skincare and diet. 

According to OK! Magazine, Kate tries to incorporate foods such as salmon, kale, and lentils into her days.

These are known to be naturally rich in collagen to help boost her body’s production of it to help skin’s elasticity.  

While they also report that Kate has been said to use a high in collagen product called The Beauty Sleep Elixir from Beuti Skincare which retails at £47.  

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Online fitness tool Total Shape claimed that the mum-of-three likes the collagen-boosting serum that promises to improve the skin’s firmness and reduce the appearance of fine lines. 

But it seems it’s not just Kate who is interested in using collagen based products to achieve an enviable,  youthful glow.

Beauty fans are also going wild for the idea, with many turning to the internet to find out more about how they can get their hands on it. 

Search for ‘collagen’ on TikTok has gone up a whopping 42% in the UK in recent times, reaching an all time high of 110m views.

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So if you’re looking to keep the signs of ageing at bay, it could be something to carefully consider.

There’s many items on the high-street and beyond that include the skin saviour ingredient.

And the experts at Holland and Barrett have also weighed in on the subject matter, suggesting collage.

They explain on their website: “We might not have invented the time machine just yet – and let's face it, our skincare routine might not be our top time-travelling priority. But there are still ways we can stay looking youthful as we age.

Collagen helps keep our skin firm, elastic, and youthful – which is why you've likely seen it exploding in the beauty world

“Our bodies naturally make collagen when we're young, which keeps our skin smooth. Taking a daily collagen supplement can help extend these health benefits well into our adult years.”

They continued to explain the science behind the idea of adding collagen to your daily routine, as they said: “About a third of our body is made of protein – in fact, each and every cell contains it. The most abundant type of protein in the body is collagen.

“Collagen helps to maintain the structure of our skin, muscles, bones, joints, and more. Different types have different functions, but you'll find collagen in everything from your eyelids to your intestines.

“It helps keep our skin firm, elastic, and youthful – which is why you've likely seen it exploding in the beauty world.”

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But, as they point out, we start losing collagen from around 20, which is why many people – including someone like Kate – are keen to ensure it’s still part of their routine.

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