Keanu Reeves Once Revealed the Most 'Uncomfortable' Sex Scene of His Career: 'We Had … Fun'

Keanu Reeves has left his mark on Hollywood; he’s developed a massive fan base through the years, and he’s proven through various films that he can take on any kind of role. Still, even professional actors can feel the awkwardness of sex scenes — and Reeves once revealed which one was clearly the most uncomfortable for him. 

Keanu Reeves has highlighted his ability to play various types of characters

Keanu Reeves began acting back in the late 1980s; he earned his first breakout role in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ back in 1989. Since then, Reeves has become one of the most-loved actors in Hollywood. He has since gone on to star in films such as “Speed” (1994) along with the “Matrix” franchise and the “John Wick” franchise.

Despite Reeves’ massive success, some who have worked with the actor have said that he can be a bit hard to get to know. Though he doesn’t seem so introverted on the surface, Reeves prefers to keep to himself. Actor Shia LaBeouf, who worked with Reeves in “Constantine” (2005), said he felt that, despite spending more than a year with Reeves, he felt like he hardly knew him at all.

Keanu Reeves once revealed the most ‘uncomfortable’ sex scene he’s done

Though Reeves might keep to himself, whenever he shows up for interviews, he’s not shy about opening up about his acting experiences. When Reeves appeared on Jimmy Kimmel back in 2015, he revealed the most awkward sex scene he had ever done — with the movie director’s wife.

Reeves’ 2015 film “Knock Knock” had him put in a bit of an uncomfortable situation when he was instructed to film a sex scene with director Eli Roth’s then-wife, Lorenza Izzo. Kimmel joked with Reeves about what it must have been like filming such a scene, calling it “uncomfortable.”

“Those scenes are weird, you know?” Reeves said. Reeves went on to hint that, despite the many rehearsals, actually filming the scene felt a bit odd. “We had … Fun,” Reeves added, then covered his face with his hands while the audience laughed. Still, Reeves noted that Roth was “really cool” about filming the whole thing. Roth and Izzo have since divorced, though it wasn’t due to the movie.

Has Keanu Reeves ever dated any of his co-stars?

Reeves has been in romantic scenes with many co-stars throughout his lengthy career, and things have heated up between him and past women on set. Still, he’s kept extremely quiet about his romances through the years, though there have rumors been that he shared a brief relationship with both Charlize Theron and Winona Ryder while filming.

Reeves’ most notable female co-star might be Sandra Bullock. The two filmed “Speed” together back in 1994 and reunited for “The Lake House” in 2006. Years later, Bullock admitted to having a crush on Reeves while filming, and he eventually said he felt the same way at the time. But things never turned romantic between them, and they’ve both credited that as the reason they’ve been able to remain such close friends through the years.

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