Kim Kardashian Copied Naomi Campbell and Cher Again, and This Time They Joined In

While Kim Kardashian may be an icon in her own right, she's constantly looking to legends Naomi Campbell and Cher for fashion and beauty inspiration — but she's always willing to give credit where credit's due. 

Back in 2017, the reality star referred to Cher as her fellow Armenian style queen, and, two years later, she copied several vintage looks that Naomi first wore in the '90s. Well, she's back at it again, and this time her muses are in on it.  

For CR Fashion Book's new Power Issue, all the ladies appear on the magazine's cover wearing the exact same '60s-inspired bouffant hairstyle. Meanwhile, in the fashion department, the trio opts for coordinating black leather ensembles — the uniform of choice for their "fearless fantasy biker gang."

Kim Kardashian and Cher
Cher and Naomi Campbell

In the past, Kim has been called out for *borrowing* looks from Cher and Naomi, however, the singer sees it as a form of flattery. In an interview with People, Cher said this about her hairstyle having a renaissance, thanks to Kim. 

"It's a good look! I saw Kim [Kardashian West] do it, and thought it was so great," Cher said. "I've worn my hair like that ever since I was a girl. For now, it's back, but then girls will start doing something else when they get bored." Naomi, on the other hand, wasn't as pleased. After Kim copied her leopard Alaïa ensemble last year, the supermodel subtly threw shade by posting a photo of herself in the outfit from '91, letting everyone know she wore it first. 

Now, it appears she has adopted the mindset of, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"

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