Kim Kardashian Reacts After Kylie Jenner Shades SKIMS Online

The Kardashian-Jenner family has built an empire that goes beyond their reality television stints. Each family member has their own business or brand, which has boosted their celebrity status and provide a higher income.

The family owes much of the success of their business ventures to social media. They’re known to promote each other’s products to their millions of followers, helping to support one another’s businesses.

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That’s why it was so shocking when Kylie Jenner appeared to diss Kim Kardashian’s clothing brand SKIMS in a recent post, prompting Kim to respond to the shade. On Monday, Kylie made an Instagram post featuring herself wearing a onesie while posing in a field. “Kyventures,” the makeup mogul captioned the photo slideshow.

Kim quickly commented on the post, only to point out that Kylie hadn’t tagged SKIMS, though she was wearing their clothing. “Can u tag @skims please LOL,” Kim wrote in the comments.

Kylie had a quick response, too. “I had to steal this from mom’s house and now you want me to promote it?!!!! Wow,” she wrote.

Kylie may not have given Kim the publicity she wanted for SKIMS in the first place, but the little debacle inadvertently brought SKIMS as well as the sisters a lot of attention.

Kim’s original comment racked up over 20,000 likes, while Kylie’s was nearing a similar number. The post itself received 5 million likes, meaning a lot of people saw Kylie in the SKIMS bodysuit as well as Kim’s comment.

Even without a proper shoutout from Kylie, SKIMS isn’t hurting. Kim launched the loungewear brand in June 2019, and only in a matter of years it’s accumulated a billion dollar net worth. Last year, the company was reportedly worth $3.2 billion in its annual valuation.

Kylie, too, knows a thing about running a successful business. Though she has a variety of brands to her name, Kylie’s most famous venture is her makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics, which has helped her garner nearly $1 billion in net worth.

While Kim and Kylie have had business success together, they’ve also encountered legal problems. The sisters are both currently facing a lawsuit from Seed Beauty, the company that manufactures their cosmetic lines.

Seed is accusing the sisters of giving away insider trade secrets after selling parks of their businesses to Coty Inc, a multinational beauty company that’s help their brands to expand. The lawsuits remain ongoing.

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