King Charles completely crushes Queen Elizabeths famous habit

King Charles III leads Queen's coffin procession in Edinburgh

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While the UK is mourning the late Queen Elizabeth II, Britons are currently adjusting to having a new monarch. Body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to about what the new rule might look like.

King Charles III has only been on the throne for a matter of days, however we are already getting a glimpse into the kind of ruler he will be.

Judi claimed: “What we are seeing and have been shown very quickly in Charles’s reign is a complete crushing of the ‘stiff upper lip’ the Queen and Prince Philip were so famous for.

“Emotional displays were considered un-regal and the ability to mask and control emotions in public was commendable.”

Prince Charles has been extremely open about the emotions her feels towards the loss of his “beloved” mother.

Indeed, as Charles grapples with becoming King, he also grapples with the loss of his 96-year-old mother on the world’s stage.

And there is no pretence that this is not incredibly difficult for the new King.

“Stoicism ran through the Queen and Prince Philip’s body language like the name of the seaside town runs through a stick of rock.”

Indeed, during the Queen’s 70 year reign, the monarch witnessed immense national and international tragedy.

However, she constantly remained a steadfast and unflappable pillar of control and reason.

Judi continued: “But already we have seen Charles looking openly tearful and emotional in public as a son in mourning.

“We’ve seen most of the top tier royals weeping, hugging and comforting one another en masse too as they visit the floral tributes.”

Kate Middleton, another senior royal, was reportedly spotted tearing up as she recalled a young Prince Louis’ sentiment about the late Queen.

During a walkabout in Windsor, she told royal fans that her youngest son comforted her on the family and nation’s great loss with the words “now Gan-Gan’s with Great-Grandpa”.

And like her brother Charles, the Queen’s only daughter Princess Anne is not displaying the “stiff upper lip” her parents were so famous for.

The expert predicted: “There is already a suggestion that stoicism might skip a royal generation.

“Even Princess Anne seems to be finding her own stiff upper lip harder to maintain.”

However, despite the one instance of Kate revealing her true emotions regarding the late monarch, Judi suggested that it is she and William who are holding down the fort when it comes to courage.

“William and Kate seem to be much more in the mould of his grandparent’s style of monarchy and the careful, restrained body language that goes with it.”

“But for Charles so far the impression has been of a man comfortable with openly sharing his grief along with his love of his wife and his family.”

Perhaps it will not be until the reign of the current Prince of Wales, Prince William, and his wife Kate by his side until Britain sees the return of the stiff upper lip.

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