KUWTK Recap: Kim, Khloe & Kourtney Weigh Serious Relationship Drama In Penultimate Episode

Kim breaks down over Kanye before giving Kourtney an ultimatum about Scott, while Khloe considers moving to Boston with Tristan.

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(NOTE: The below was not actually written by North West.)

The episode started with self-recorded footage from Kim. She was at home reminiscing about how she couldn’t believe she took the baby bar while having COVID. She finally got a negative result so she was able to go back to work and resume filming. Her kids also tested negative for COVID. Her family was feeling happy and healthy. She was ready to get out of quarantine.

North West: Yes, I am happy to report that I made a full recovery from COVID and I am in the process of having Saint placed in custody.

At a family dinner Corey asked the family how they felt about it being their last week of filming. Khloe said it was crazy because there was so much going on (Holidays, the Presidential election) she couldn’t be present like she wanted. Kris suggested one last family trip somewhere close. Kourtney had the idea to go to Lake Tahoe. They haven’t been since they were kids. Kourtney had a friend who stayed at a fabulous house in Lake Tahoe that she found through the app Vrbo. The family was getting really excited and Kris wanted to do a secret Santa while they were there.

NW: Because we are leaving the network in ruins, E! had to find sponsors because this trip was originally not in their budget. I am so embarrassed.

Later, Kourtney showed Scott and Khloe an old project she had to do when she was in grade school. She had to create a mock People magazine and she used old pics of herself and her family. This inspired Khloe to do a time capsule about the show. Khloe thought it would be nice to end with something that is tangible in years to come. Every family member should put something that is sentimental to them from the show that will bring back good memories when they look back in 10 years. All the memories would be put in a trunk and they were to bury it on Khloe’s new property.

NW: Can’t we just watch old episodes of the show for memories? Is E! burning the tapes?

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At Kourtney’s home, she was going through old family photos. She invited her mom to look through them to see if there were any that needed to be included in the time capsule. While looking through everything Kris said one of her favorite memories, beside Kourtney giving birth, was Kim and Kanye’s wedding. It was such a happy time. Then Kris found a pic of Scott and Kourtney and that prompted her to talk about the two of them getting back together. Kris wanted nothing more than to see Kourtney live a happy life and grow old with someone, and it would be fabulous if it was the dad of her children (Scott).

Kourtney sarcastically replied, “Wouldn’t that be a dream!” Kris went on to say that Scott has said he would love for it to be Kourtney and him, but Kourtney said that Scott is just a talker. The family for years loved to bring up Kourtney and Scott getting back together, but it was frustrating for Kourtney because she and Scott have had their own private conversations, so she has no interest in talking about it all the time. Kourtney said they haven’t given themselves the time of one of them not always being with someone else. Kris asked her if she was under any pressure or time and Kourtney said she wasn’t.

NW: I can’t wait until we get new writers at Hulu. No one wants to see the “Will they won’t they?” storyline anymore. Let’s get some fresh ideas like the “Will Scott date someone over the age of 25 or won’t he?” storyline.

Kim was going through her archived outfits at her home with Scott. She wanted to see if she had a memento from the show that she could put in the time capsule. The archive on its own is a time capsule. She had outfits from “Kourtney and Kim Take New York,” Fendi campaign, TAO birthdays, the Met Gala, and much more. She even had perfumes. Kim loved it because it was like going down memory lane. Kim ultimately decided to put her first fragrance in the time capsule. She loved the fragrance and it was her first project that she worked on without her sisters and it was such a big (fight) part of the show.

NW: Dream told me they literally sell this fragrance at TJ Maxx.

At Kris’ Palm Springs home, Tristan, a free agent, was waiting to see what team he was going to next. Kris and Corey speculated that he could be going to the Clippers or the Lakers. It would be great because he would be local. Since the pandemic started, Tristan has been in LA and Khloe liked having him around because he had been helpful and supportive. She felt like they had become attached to one another. Khloe wanted him to go wherever was best for his career, but it was scary. The decision was being made in 48 hours. He had been in Cleveland for 9 years, so free agency was new for him.

NW: Tristan to the Lakers? In what world????

Later, the whole family headed to Lake Tahoe on a private plane. Kris was excited that they were going on one last family trip for the show because trips were such a staple. Kris wanted to make sure this one was super special. Tristan was supposed to go too, but he was just signed to the Boston Celtics so he had to be in Massachusetts. Tristan playing in Boston left a lot unknown for Khloe and True.

During the flight, Khloe asked Kris for an update on the homes they were building. Apparently they bought their houses from a builder who had investors behind them. He had a 35 page rap sheet, but Kris wanted to use him anyway. They ended up firing him because he was not doing good work and was allegedly trying to steal from Khloe. She claimed he ended up leaving with a lot of their money and the deeds to their home. On top of that, Kris and Khloe were apparently not allowed to go on the properties, so they can’t even have another contractor do work. To make matters worse, they couldn’t even take him to court because of COVID, so they have to try to work everything out by mediation. Everything sucked.

NW: I was surprised to hear that all this went down with the contractor. He seemed like a good guy when Blac Chyna referred him to us.

The family arrived at their vacation home in Lake Tahoe. Kourtney, Kylie, and Scott (and their kids) were going to meet the rest of the family later. The home was right on the lake and was gorgeous. Kim was not in the best of moods. There was a spread of cookies, but she requested that no cookies be in the home because she gained 15lbs and she wanted to throw the cookies in the toilet. Kim wanted to go to her room and never come out. Khloe said that Kim had been struggling with her relationship and clearly she was redirecting her frustration. It was not about the cookies.

NW: She’s a complete mad woman when she’s on a diet. Throwing out cookies, eating plant-based tacos for every meal, and harassing Kris for old bottles of QuickTrim.

Khloe checked in on Kim to see how her and Kanye were doing. Kim said that it was calm and there was no fighting. She was just rolling with it, but before the Lake Tahoe trip she and Kanye had a big fight.

The show flashed back to before the trip when Kim was crying to her sisters about Kanye. She acknowledged that he was an amazing dad, but she could no longer follow his every move and live separately. She said that Kanye deserves someone that will move to Wyoming, travel everywhere with him, but she couldn’t do it. She felt like a failure because it was her third marriage that didn’t work. She felt like a loser.

On the balcony, Kris talked to her attorney on the phone. She was adamant that they needed to be more aggressive with the contractor that stole the deeds to her and Khloe’s home. Kris and Khloe were over all of it and they planned to file a very strong lawsuit against the contractor. They either needed their money back or they needed their houses. They were so mad because they had already sold their houses.

Kourtney and Scott arrived with their kids. Scott noted that when he and Kourtney travel with the kids and sleep in separate beds, it takes more energy to not be together than to be together. It was a weird situation.

NW: They were late because they had to fly Southwest. E! didn’t have the money to charter a second jet.

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Later, the family went ice skating. While at the rink Khloe broke out her camera to film Kendall for the time capsule. Khloe thought it would be special that in addition to the items in the time capsule, she could also interview the family to leave video messages. It won’t be edited like it is on the show.

The next day, Kourtney and Kim FaceTimed with Tristan. They wanted to know how he was doing in Boston. Tristan said that the team had been welcoming and everything was good. He was waiting on Khloe and True to get there. He was so used to his COVID routine of working out then going home to be with them for the rest of the day. To Kim, it seemed like Khloe and Tristan have gotten so much closer during the pandemic. Kim asked Tristan if he wanted Khloe to move out there with him and he said of course and that he was actually trying to convince her to do just that. Kim said since Khloe’s house situation is messed up and she’s not comfortable in a rental anyway, she might actually want to go to Boston. Tristan encouraged Kim and Kourtney to give Khloe the extra push to move.

Kris announced to the family they were doing a scavenger hunt that represented the years on the show. The family was separated in teams (Khloe, Kendall, Corey, and Kris versus Kim, Kourtney, and Scott) and they each had a polaroid camera and a list of significant things that have happened on the show. They had to take a picture when they found items that represent those moments. It was a fun way to walk down memory lane and relive all the moments. Each team was really competitive, but the team with Khloe, Kendall, Kris, and Corey ended up winning.

NW: We are really lucky this is the second to the last episode of the series. I’m not sure anyone is watching at this point.

Later, Khloe continued her filming for the time capsule on the balcony. She interviewed Scott and asked him who his best friend was. Scott said that Kourtney was her best friend even though she wasn’t that nice to him. He went on to say that he is in love with her and they will always be in each other’s life. His advice to his older self was that all the money, the fame, and the stuff he thinks is so cool actually doesn’t mean much. The real key to life is happiness, and you can’t buy that.

Back inside the house, Kim talked to Khloe about the issue with her home. Kim felt like since Khloe sold her house and made improvements on the land she detrimentally relied on it, so they legally have to give it back to her. Khloe agreed but wondered when she would get it back because the courts were really slow because of COVID. Khloe didn’t even know for how long she could keep her rental.

Kim said that Khloe could always move to Boston with Tristan. Kim told Khloe that she and Kourtney spoke to Tristan and he missed Khloe and he really wanted her to come to Boston, full-time. Khloe wasn’t opposed to moving to Boston, but having True complicates things because her whole life (cousins, school) is in LA. And because it was COVID, the move and getting her daughter into other classes wouldn’t be as easy. Kim understood, but felt like since Tristan was so used to seeing Khloe and Tristan every day it was hard for him to go to Boston and be away from them. Khloe said that COVID was great for their relationship, but she could tell that Tristan was worried about what would happen now that they were separated. Khloe was open to the idea of a future with Tristan, but uprooting to a different state is challenging especially for her daughter.

NW: Mommy failed the baby bar, also she’s not a lawyer. Not even a little bit. Maybe taking legal advice from her isn’t the best idea.

At dinner, the family presented their secret Santa gifts. The theme of the gifts was something that represented the show over the last 20 seasons. Kris gave Kim diamond earrings (cubic zirconia) because she lost hers in the ocean in Season 6. Kim got Corey a baseball because they played a baseball game against the Jacksons in Season 15. Kourtney got Khloe an inflatable pool because they witnessed a stranger’s water birth in Season 7. Corey got Kourtney a 14K gold necklace that said “Love” because he imagined all the future she was going to give Scott. Kourtney seemed annoyed. People always try to convince her to get back with Scott, but they don’t know the whole picture. Kourtney and Scott have had private conversations and she said he knows what he needs to change for her to even consider getting back together.

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Later that evening, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney met in Kourtney’s room in their pajamas. Kourtney explained to her sisters that she and Scott have had so many private conversations over the years about what she needs to even think about getting back together and he hasn’t done it. She was frustrated that the way he talks to other people makes it seem like she’s the reason they’re not together. She wondered if everyone just believed every word he was saying. Kim thought it was a burden that Kourtney was feeling and asked her if she wanted to live her life this way. Kim started pressing Kourtney even more, before demanding she finally make up her mind about Scott.

“Are you okay living your life like this? I need an answer, how long is this going to be?” she asked. “Seriously, I’m impatient now, what’s happening. I really need answer, what is going to happen?”

The episode ended on a “To be continued”.

NW: Next week is the series finale. Please don’t come expecting much.

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” airs — for one more week — Thursdays on E!

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