Lad lives in wooden kennel in pals apartment for $500 a month – and loves it

There are modest homes and then there's a 'kennel' in your mate's apartment.

But that's exactly where one frugal bloke lives, even paying his pal around $500 a month in rent.

The lad gave people a tour of his tiny wooden 'pod' in a viral TikTok video, showing off his pokey wooden digs, which boast a sliding door and a desk that flaps down over his bed.

His brief insight shows takes viewers straight into his sleeping area followed by the small storage space he has built behind it.

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The man claims to be an "anomaly" with not many possessions, so the cramped living conditions suit him.

Narrating during his tour, the man says: "It pretty much holds all my possessions. I don't own that much, so I'm probably an anomaly."

He added: "It's a little small and is probably not for people who are a little claustrophobic.

"But what I kind of really enjoy about it is that I'm now paying about $508 a month in rent, and that's after considering the cost of construction, so for me it really has been working out."

It is not made clear in the video where the man is living, but he has a strong American accent.

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Having been shared to X (formerly known as Twitter) the teeny crib quickly garnered a number of mixed responses to the living conditions.

One user said: "This is not a pod, it's a kennel."

Another unimpressed viewer said: "ewww, this gives me claustrophobia!"

A third said: "Or being held captive. Idk about that."

While a fourth added: "Yeah they forgot to show the chain around his ankle."

"Harry Potter: The Beginning," said another.

And one said: "I wonder what kind of bugs he eats."

Others, however, appeared to side with the cameraman and saw things from a more positive perspective..

One said: "You haven't seen London."

Another added: "I mean, he has a roof over his head, a bathroom, kitchen heat etc. All this does is gives him some privacy."

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