Lamar Odom Hires His Own Kids To Work At His Rehab Company, Brags About Work Perks

Lamar Odom is currently staffing the new rehabilitation center he just opened, and some of his first employees are his children.

According to TMZ, insiders with knowledge of the situation reveal that Lamar is dedicated to strengthening his relationship with his kids. As part of this effort, he has employed his son, LJ, and daughter, Destiny, at Odom Recovery Group.

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Lamar’s son has taken on the role of a marketing consultant, essentially shadowing Lamar to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s operations, and also positioning himself as Lamar’s backup when required.

Conversely, Lamar’s daughter has taken on the role of a client representative at the company. Her responsibilities include recording patients’ information and ensuring they are fully prepared when starting at the rehab.

Notably, both of Lamar’s children also had the opportunity to feature in a commercial for the company, which is set to air on Hulu across multiple locations.

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Lamar made sure to reveal that it’s not all hard work for his kids. To celebrate their new jobs, the former NBA star treated them to a vacation in Orange County, spending a few nights at an oceanfront property in Newport Beach.

At the beginning of this year, Lamar Odom, who has successfully battled addiction himself, founded the Odom Recovery Group with the aim of assisting others in their journey towards sobriety.

He embarked on this endeavor following financial difficulties faced by a rehab center called Wavelengths Recovery in Huntington, California, which was on the brink of closure.

Initially, Lamar initiated a GoFundMe campaign and organized a silent auction to raise funds for the rehabilitation facility. Since then, Lamar has taken ownership of three treatment centers in California, expressing motivation to assist as many individuals as possible in their journey towards sobriety.

This isn’t the only project Lamar has launched this year. He’s in the process of establishing a senior living community, driven by his grandmother’s recent challenges in finding a suitable and comfortable residence.

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Lamar’s manager confirmed this development to TMZ, outlining his collaboration with Regency Palms Senior Living in Oxnard and Long Beach to launch his new venture, known as Odom Senior Care. The company’s primary focus will be delivering high-quality senior care with a touch of luxury, all at accessible and affordable rates.

Odom Senior Care is already operating two facilities in Southern California. Their ambitious goal is to extend their services to offer housing at pre-negotiated rates in 1,000 communities by the end of the year.

The athlete emphasizes that existing senior housing options come with exorbitant costs, and he aspires for his initiative to establish a new benchmark, making senior care more affordable and accessible.

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