Little-known driving law could see Brits with car accessory hit with £2.5k fine

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    Brits have been warned a little-known motoring law could lead to a £2,500 fine.

    You might not have known this but drivers could be issued heavy charges for hanging an air freshener in their car. That's because the 1986 Road Vehicles Regulation states it's illegal to drive without clear view of the road.

    Specialists at LeaseCar warned many Brit motorists might not be aware of the rule. Although having an air freshener dangling in the car might seem minor, it could get in the way at times.

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    Drivers must always have a clear view of the road as it could lead to an accident otherwise.

    Tim Alcock, spokesperson for LeaseCar, said: "Many seemingly innocent driving acts can get drivers into trouble so it's worth knowing the law and taking steps to be on the right side of it.

    "While having an air freshener hanging in the car isn't explicitly illegal, it is against the law to not have a full vision of your surroundings and this kind of obstruction can block out part of the view ahead.

    "It is also an offence to be driving while distracted, so if the air freshener is affecting the driver efficiently assessing their surroundings for potential hazards and this results in an accident they could be charged with a distracted driving offence.

    "With the cost of living crisis affecting Brits, the last thing they need is a hefty fine for a preventable mistake."

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    Failing to have full view of the road could see drivers slapped with a £1,000 fine and three points on their licence. Meanwhile, motorists behind the wheels of goods and commercial cars like buses or coaches could get a £2,500 bill.

    In more serious cases, drivers could even be found guilty of careless or inconsiderate driving under the Road Traffic Act 1988. Tim said it wasn't just air fresheners which could cause a major concern.

    He added: "It is worth noting this applies to everything that could cause a potential obstruction, such as satnavs and dashcams, so it is important drivers carefully position car accessories.

    "Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and it is very easy to miss pedestrians and other road users without an entire field of vision.

    "If having a fruity-smelling car is important to you, consider hanging it on the back of a headrest or simply put it in the cupholder.

    "To be safe, avoid hanging an air freshener or any decoration like fluffy dice or car charms from the front-rear mirror."

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