Lynda La Plante baffles This Morning viewers with bizarre interview

‘Most bizarre interview ever!’ Author Lynda La Plante, 79, leaves viewers baffled after her dog howled along to God Save the Queen on This Morning

  • Author Lynda La Plante, 79, appeared on This Morning today to discuss new book
  • She was joined by her enormous dog Hugo, who was filmed licking her feet 
  • Elsewhere, the hound howled along to the National Anthem in the studio
  • Many of those watching were left stumped by the unusual segment on the show 

This Morning viewers were left scratching their heads after a bizarre interview with Lynda La Plante today, which saw her encourage her dog to ‘sing’ God Save the Queen.

The writer, 79, who produced some of British TV’s most successful detective show, is renowned for creating strong female characters in TV dramas such as Prime Suspect, Widows and Trial And Retribution.

She appeared on the daytime TV show to promote her new book, Dark Rooms, and decided to bring her 16-month-old Hugo to set with her. 

After Lynda explained the animal is particularly fond of music and can sing like an ‘operatic singer’, the studio began playing God Save the Queen – with Hugo howling along in tune. 

The whole segment left viewers baffled, with many questioning why the author and screenwriter had brought her dog along to the interview. One commented: ‘Most bizarre interview ever!’

This Morning viewers were left scratching their heads after a bizarre interview with Lynda La Plante today, which saw her encourage her dog to ‘sing’ the National Anthem

The interview began with Lynda and her large white dog reclining on the blue This Morning sofa.

Presenters Andi Peters and Rochelle Humes introduced the pair, before the camera panned to the pooch, to show him happily licking Lynda’s feet. 

Lynda then proceeded to talk in great detail about the new challenges faced by the heroine of her book series, Jane Tennison.

Dark Rooms is the latest Detective Jane Tennison crime novel, as she leads a murder investigation into the recent brutal death of a young girl after her decomposed, starved body discovered in an old air raid shelter in the garden of a derelict house.


Viewers were baffled by the ‘bizarre’ interview and wondered why Lynda’s dog Hugo was on the show 

The author revealed she takes inspiration from real life for her novel and uses ‘bits of people’ she knows to create her characters. 

She explained she took inspiration from an actress she once met who had ‘jangling bracelets.’

Meanwhile she said in the new novel Jane has ‘got to uncover’ the crime but ‘isn’t given the kudos that she deserves.’

She said the success of her book series was largely down to the success of Prime Suspects and went on to discuss meeting Jackie Malton, who was the detective behind the inspiration for DCI Jackie.

Lynda’s interest in senior female police officers had been piqued while watching the BBC’s Crimewatch UK.

She made enquiries at New Scotland Yard and learned that there were only three female DCIs in the entire Met, before going on to meet Jackie.

The crime writer appeared on the programme to discuss her new novel Dark Rooms, and revealed she takes inspiration from real life 

But after a brief discussion about the book, the show brought Hugo back to make him sing along to the National Anthem 

She added that Jackie has recently released her own  book, The Real Prime Suspect, about her experiences in the police.

Lynda explained: ‘DCI Jackie has brought out her book about what it was really like, and how she met me, and which questions I asked her. 

‘She describes me as this “little small redhead” who is busying about,’ she chuckled. 

Hugo, who had been laying by her side at the start of the interview, eventually grew tired of staying in one place and walked off camera.

However, Andi was quick to brooch the topic of the dog’s singing, saying: ‘We’ve seen the videos of where he will howl, sing?’

And after Rochelle called Hugo ‘an operatic singer’, the dog was brought back into the studio.

At one point, doting pet Hugo was seen enthusiastically licking with owner’s big toe during her interview 

The show started to play the National Anthem in the studio, with Hugo stood next to Lynda. 

As the music progressed, the white hound began to howl enthusiastically.  

But after a few moments of ‘singing,’ Hugo walked out of the camera shot.

However, Lynda was not short of praise for her dog’s demonstration. 

She said: ‘He can actually do different levels. He can do high pitch and low pitch.’

But despite Lynda’s enthusiasm, many viewers were left baffled by the author’s interview segment on the show.

Some commented on the size of the dog, with one writing: ‘I thought Lynda La Plante had taken a horse on the show with her for a minute.’ 

‘Size of that dog, dye his fur red and he could play the live action version of Clifford,’ one said.   

Viewers were shocked by the size of the very large white dog, who was seeing trotting on set with Lynda 

‘Why has Lynda La Plante brought that ridiculous dog in with her, or is she going to ride it home?’ another wrote. 

‘Lovely dog. Can’t see the point of him being here though,’ another said. 

‘That dog is size of a horse,’ one wrote. 

‘Oh god, it’s not a dog, it’s a magic, national anthem singing unicorn,’ another said. 

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