Man runs into Asda in terror after ‘noxious substance’ thrown in his face

A man has been rushed to hospital after a noxious substance was thrown in his face outside an Asda store.

Horrifed witnesses in Harehills, Leeds, said the panicked victim ran into the shop, where staff tried to help him.

It happened at around 2.15pm today, Leeds Live reports .

The injured man was taken to hospital for treatment and police launched an investigation.

Lacey Lockwood was shopping in Asda when she saw the victim.

She said: “A guy came running in saying someone had thrown something in his face and was panicking, holding his face.

“A worker got some water and poured a lot on him outside, while they rang the police.

“I then left but he was pacing around outside with his hands in his face. It looked painful.”

Famous Edenene, who lives opposite the convenience store, said: “I was about to drive away from my house when I saw a bike (motorcycle) with two guys on. Their faces were covered by balaclavas.

“There was a man sitting on the floor (outside Today’s Local) and those guys drove to him straight away.

“I don’t know what they did to him, but then they drove straight off.”

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