Man shares genius cleaning hack to removing dirt and mould from bathroom tiles

It's not always easy keeping parts of your home clean.

But with the extra time you've got now it might be handy to get those gloves on.

So if your bathroom is in need of a good scrub, a business owner has revealed his handy cleaning hack for it.

Shaun Davis-Webb, the man behind Mr Sparkle Contract, recently transformed a client's bathroom without a hassle.

And now he's exclusively revealed to Daily Star Online how he did it.

He said: "When we find a shower in this condition after five minutes of breathing to calm down, we glove up and prepare to clean."

Shaun started by spraying the whole shower with Astonish Mould and Mildew.

Then he left it to sit for half an hour before returning with his nylon scrubbing brushes to tackle it.

He explained: "We scrub all tiles floor to ceiling. We then clean all the hard to reach areas with a tooth brush and even cotton buds.

"After half an hour or so of scrubbing we rinse the tiles down."

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Next Shaun assess the damage and then steam cleans the tiles.

He added: "We then disinfect the whole bathroom with Selgiene Extreme.

"Once completed we buff the whole bathroom off with professional glass cleaner and white roll."

In before and after shots, Shaun's handy transformation looks absolutely amazing!

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