Man Stabbed With Samurai Sword For Not Buying Pot For Partner, Police Say

Police found an “unsheathed, blood-stained 21-inch” sword on the floor of the suspect’s bedroom.

A Michigan man was attacked by his partner with a samurai sword for not buying marijuana for the suspect, police say.

Neil Patrick Wasinski, 28, received assault charges last month after allegedly punching the victim’s rib cage and stabbing him with a 21-inch sword at the Arbor One Apartments in Ypsilanti, according to MLive.

Police were called to the scene on January 16 where they found the victim smoking a cigarette and holding a "bloodied towel against his wounds", read the reports. He suffered multiple stab wounds to the torso and arm and was taken to a local hospital where doctors discovered a collapsed lung. He has since recovered.

The victim said he was Wasinski’s boyfriend of one and a half years and was attacked for failing to buy Wasinski marijuana, police records show.

Wasinski, who goes by the name Nalla, is referred to as female by the police, but is listed as male in court records, said the news outlet.

The victim told authorities Wasinski began stabbing him with the sword in his apartment and chased him through the parking lot with the weapon. A neighbor offered him refuge as Wasinski went back to their own apartment in the same complex.

Wasinski wouldn’t let officers into their apartment and was eventually arrested after the police used a master key, records show. Wasinski struggled with police outside and spat on one of the officers.

The authorities found an "unsheathed, blood-stained 21-inch" sword on the floor of their bedroom, according to MLive.

Wasinski later claimed to have been intoxicated when the incident happened and does not remember much.

Wasinski was charged with assault with intent to murder, assault with a dangerous weapon and assaulting or resisting police; the intent to murder charge was dropped after pleading no contest to the two other charges.

Wasinski is scheduled for sentencing in March and is currently in Washtenaw County Jail with bond set at $100,000.

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