Man wants to evict his wife family after nine months living rent-free

Man whose wife invited her parents, sister and brother-in-law to stay ‘for a few weeks’ without asking reveals they’re still there nine MONTHS later – but is accused of putting ‘money over family’ when he asks them to leave

  • A man, believed to be from the US, revealed was thinking of evicting his in-laws 
  • Explained his wife allowed her parents, sister and brother-in-law to move in 
  • They have not been contributing to rent and have changed his house decor 
  • People advised him to divorce and say wife should have asked him permission

A man revealed he fell out with his wife after asking her family, who were living with them rent-free for nine months, to move out. 

The anonymous man, 23, believed to be from the US, took to Reddit and explained that his wife, 24, allowed her parents, sister and brother-in-law to come live with them without consulting him first.

He added that the family showed no signs of wanting to leave any time soon and had taken over the house – including changing his interior without permission and not contributing to bills. 

The man in question went on to say he fell out with his wife after suggesting to her the family should move out – and many took to the comments section to argue that the wife was the issue, showed no respect for him or his house and urged the couple to get a divorce. 

The man went on to reveal he had a prenuptial agreement signed that protected his assets from the divorce if the couple didn’t have a child – with many advising him to refrain from sex and freeze his sperm to make sure he could leave his wife.  

An anonymous husband, believed to be from the US, 23, explained his wife allowed her parents, sister and brother-in-law to move in with them last year, and that he had fallen out with her after asking them to move following nine months of them living rent-free (stock picture)

The 23-year-old explained the couple got married in 2020 before the Covid-19 pandemic. 

He added his sister-in-law, who is 34, and her husband both lost their jobs due to cost cuts, and moved in with the sister’s parents. 

In June, the man said he came home to find that his parents-in-law and his sister and brother-in-law and their children had moved in. 

‘My wife pull me aside and told me that her family got evicted from their home and have nowhere else to go so she invited them to come stay with us (without my permission),’ he penned. 

The husband explained his wife sided with her family when he asked them to move out and had asked him to apologize (pictured)

While he was initially furious, the husband decided not to have an argument with his wife and let it slide. 

‘My wife promised that her sister and brother-in-law would try to find jobs as soon as possible, move out with my in-laws and reimburse me for the food or any other necessities that I provided for them,’ he wrote. 

But he went on to say months went by without the couple trying to find work, and added his in-laws had even got so far as to replace some of his house decor to make it to their taste, treating his home ‘like it’s their own.’ 

‘I’m starting to feel like they are just using me for my money since I’m the one who paid for everything, including the phone bills. I gave my wife an emergency card to be used but she misused it for her family so I took it back,’ he explained. 

People said the man was in for ‘one heck of a fight’ while some said he shouldn’t be having sex with his wife until he;s divorced her 

The 23-year-old husband also explained he inherited his home from his late grandparents who made him the sole inheritor of their savings and life insurances, and that it meant a lot to him. 

When he tried to confront his in-laws about moving out, he explained: ‘My in-laws have the audacity to insult me by saying that my late grandparents literally hand me down everything I have now and how I should not have any problem with them living with me for the foreseeable future.’

He also revealed his wife sided with her family and asked him to apologize, calling him selfish for ‘putting money over family.’

He continued: ‘My guilty conscience keeps telling me that I should just let them live there since they are my wife’s family and my in-laws are old now. But I’m tired of having to deal with the stress from both my high-stress job and at home.’

People said the wife was ‘taking advantage’ of the groom and that his in-laws were not being ‘respectful’

In a later comment he went on to clarify the couple had a prenup and that his wife would be left with nothing if they divorced without having conceived a child. 

People on the social media forum sided with the husband and told him his wife was to blame for the situation because she had let the family move in without consulting him first.   

Others said the wife was the real problem, because she let her family move in with them without consulting the husband first

‘Your wife is putting her entire family above you and your marriage. She expects you to foot the bill for six other people like its nothing,’ wrote one, while a second penned:  

‘She has no regard for what this could be doing to you physically or mentally. I’d give them the boot. If your wife wont support you and understand your marriage and future together is at risk then boot her too. She doesn’t care all she cares about is you being the ATM for her family.’ 

A third commented: ‘NTA, but you are gonna have one heck of a fight to get them out of your house. Your wife is clearly in their side and depending on where you live, you might want to look up “squatters rights”.  

A fourth noted: ‘Your wife’s family is taking advantage of you. You should get them out of your house. Their age, the current global situation and relationship to your wife do not excuse their behavior, which is extremely TA, and you should review your wife’s behavior too.’ 

A further agreed that they wife should never have invited them without discussing it with him first – adding ‘your home has been invaded by rude, overbearing freeloaders for much too long.’

Elsewhere, some added he should take drastic measures to make sure he couldn’t conceive during the separation period so the wife couldn’t take advantage of him.

‘Cryopreservation and a vasectomy until further notice.’ suggested one. ‘Freeze your swimmers and get snipped. Then put your foot down and kick them out. And then gage your wife’s reaction to the situation.’

Another commented: ‘Please stay without child for now. As another commentor said, your wife does not have your best interests at heart.’ 

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