Martin Lewis reveals secret cheaper British Gas you can only get by doing this

Martin Lewis revealed a secret way British Gas customers could be saving up to £300 per month on their energy bill. However, there is only one way they can get their hands on the deal and surprisingly, they can’t directly ask for it. So, how do customers make the saving?


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On Monday night’s Martin Lewis Money show, the financial expert explained that most British residents are sitting on big six tariffs.

He said: “Someone on a big six standard tariff is paying £1,160 pounds a year for typical use.”

Meanwhile, those on a green energy tariff may be handing over around 828 a year.

While savings are available, they tend to only exist for switchers.

However, Martin revealed that existing British Gas customers could also benefit from a slashed energy bill with one simple trick.

While phoning them up and asking for a price cut may seem the most direct avenue, Martin revealed this is not the way to go about getting a discounted rate.

Customers who take advantage of British Gas’ latest offer, said to be its cheapest deal since 2016, could see savings of up to £300 a year.

The catch is that they are only available via price comparison sites.

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Writing to readers in his newsletter, Lewis wrote: “Don’t just call up and ask, some of the big firms’ cheapest deals aren’t available that way.

“They are ‘don’t click, don’t get’ deals ONLY available by doing a comparison.”

The experts say there is no better time than now to “get comparing.”


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Lewis also recently revealed how Britons could be making savings on their monthly mobile phone bill.

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, as part of his Quick Deals of the week, he included a list of top SIM-only deals which could reduce phone bills by hundreds in the year.

Some of them even offer freebies including McDonalds Breakfasts and cheap Odeon cinema tickets.

Martin’s top tip is to switch mobile phone providers.

He said: “Lots of deals that easily give enough data and calls for most people cost less than £10 per month, and are across every main network.

“Remember, while there are many different providers, most piggyback off the main four networks, essentially borrowing their network space.”

An easy way to stay on the same network, without worrying about changes in signal, is to “take advantage of new customer deals” and switch to a network that piggybacks off the main four providers.

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