Melania Trump showed ‘signals of quietly being in charge’ with Donald

Donald Trump launches bid to return to the White House

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Melania Trump walked hand in hand with Donald Trump out of their Florida home and to the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, where Trump announced he would be formally entering the 2024 US Presidential race. spoke exclusively to body language expert Judi James about the former First Lady’s display and signals. 

Melania has been seen before appearing to refuse to hold her husband’s hand; there were several occasions when Donald was in office when he attempted to put on a united front and it seemingly backfired. 

So to see Melania and Donald holding hands and looking unanimous was a surprise. 

Judi added: “These poses seemed created to give the impression that the President and his First Lady were just walking out of the White House again as though the last few years never happened.  This is clearly Melania’s gig as well. 

“She looked less rigid than she has in the past and her smile looked less of a rictus and more of a gesture of warmth. 

“Donald kept it solemn but he made it look as though this would start as a double act rather than growing into one as it did last time. 

“The tight hand clasp looked deliberately performed to illustrate this aspect and there was a certain picking up of where they left off in terms of Melania’s signals of being quietly but slightly in charge of the choreography.

“As they posed for photos when they hit the audience she seemed to be talking in an aside to her husband as though possibly back in the role of nudging him where to go and when,” the expert added. 

This is a huge contrast from Melania’s early days as First Lady back in January 2017. 

Judi claimed: “Melania’s first few months in the White House involved some very low-key and low-status posing and body language signalling. 

“Trump adopted an entrepreneurial approach to power rather than a presidential one, which seemed to mean no attention or status-sharing with his wife.

“He was the star of the show and she often hung around in the wings.”

Having previously taken on the role of First Lady, Melania seems much more comfortable and even made a statement with what she chose to wear.  Judi said Melania’s “choice of outfit looked symbolic”. 

“The white skirt was a nod to the trait of appearing in white that she used as FLOTUS, which gave a very clean and almost innocent look. 

“The large polka dots are attention-seeking to suggest she is not going to be a background wife this time, with the shape of the large spots implying a sense of upbeat optimism.”

Her polka dot shirt and white skirt is also a far cry from what she used to wear as FLOTUS, the expert claimed. 

Melania’s “key focus” used to be “looking immaculate and beautiful” with a “perfectly executed but rigid” smile on display at all times. 

Judi also suggested she looked “Sphinx-like and enigmatic”. 

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