Molly-Mae Hague's local farm shop has become like 'Alton Towers'

Molly-Mae Hague’s local farm shop has become like ‘Alton Towers’ and is ‘impossible to get into’ after plug by the Love Island star, fed up locals claim

  • Hollie claims that the farm shop has been ‘ruined’ and the car is ‘pure carnage’
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A woman has slammed Molly-Mae Hague for ‘ruining’ her local farm shop after turning up to find  ‘pure carnage’ in the car park thanks to a shout out for the retailer from the Love Island star.  

Content creator Hollie took to TikTok to complain about the aftermath of Molly-Mae visiting The Hollies Farm Shop in Cheshire.

Earlier this month, the reality star, 24, enjoyed a day out at the farm shop with her newborn daughter Bambi, and later shared a series of photos of the mother-daughter day out on Instagram. Since sharing the location with fans, the small business has apparently been flooded with new customers, a consequence Hollie has dubbed ‘the Molly Mae effect’.

Hollie shared a clip revealing she was left disappointed after she was unable to find a car parking space due to a high volume of customers.

Others in the nearby area have taken to the comment section to express their frustration, but some have pointed out the benefits for the local business.

Hollie (pictured above) took to TikTok to express her frustration regarding ‘the reality of the Molly Mae effect’ 

Hollie explained her annoyance, saying: ‘If you do not believe in the Molly Mae effect, watch this video.

‘Everyone said we have the communal Molly Mae jacket, now it’s the communal Molly Mae places.

‘We always come to Hollies farm shop; we’ve been coming here for years. Never ever is there anyone there really.

‘She [Molly Mae] posted it on her Instagram.

‘We’ve just driven to come here on a Sunday to get a hot chocolate, and they are [customers] queuing out three doors.’

She added: ‘Pure carnage in the car park, it’s like going to Alton Towers for a day out. You’ll have to buy fast passes soon.

‘I’m sorry Molly Mae, I really do love you, but this one has taken the mick a bit because you have ruined Hollies Farm Shop.’

Hollie struggled to understand why people were stood out in the rain for the farm shop. She said: ‘It’s literally raining, and people are queuing out the door in the rain.’ before questioning ‘what?’

Hollie told her viewers that Molly Mae has ‘ruined’ Hollies Farm Shop and it is now ‘pure carnage’ in the car park 

Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague (pictured left) visited Hollies Farm Shop in Cheshire with her newborn baby Bambi (pictured right) 

Molly shared pictures of The Hollies Farm shop and the goods it has to offer on her Instagram story 

The Hollies Farm Shop (pictured) is a family run business based in Cheshire and offers a selection of local goods 

Users took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the situation, and some had similar experiences. One said: ‘Literally a local to me and now it’s ruined it so bad ! Hahaha’

A second wrote: ‘Same I went yday! Used to be able to walk straight up to the counter to get a drink.’

A third added: ‘This is really good for small businesses though!!’ 

A fourth wrote: ‘I turned up yesterday and turned around and left’

However, another user claimed it’s always busy: ‘Tbf we went last year and it was busy even then x’ 

It comes after Molly-Mae gave fans a glimpse at her modern new office space after quitting her £5million-a-year PrettyLittleThing role.

Users took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the video, and some had a similar experience 

The former Love Island star took to her Instagram Stories earlier this month to reveal that she was setting up her flashy new office and shared a video of the process.

It comes after it was reported that Molly-Mae is growing her own eponymous brand, with a focus on lifestyle content after stepping down as PLT’s creative director.

In the video, Molly-Mae was joined by some pals as they set up a white corner-style sofa in the sprawling office space and covered it in matching cushions.

A glass door could also be seen in the background leading to another vast space in the office, with the office boasting a modern, all-white look.

Molly-Mae also shared some snaps after the sofa was put in place, showing it sat in front of a television mounted on the wall.

A stunning wooden mirror from William Wood also leant against one wall by the windows, which let in lots of natural daylight into the space.

Molly-Mae has been putting the final touches on the space after spending the last month hard at work renovating her brand new office.

In August, the influencer told her fans that she was setting up an office and shared snaps of it in the early construction days, before the flooring had been added.

Since then, she has been busy renovating the space to suit her needs, after it was claimed that she is getting ready for a secret new work project.

She is said to be growing her empire with her very own eponymous brand, with a focus on lifestyle and beauty content.

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