Mother arrested after filming daughter lick tongue depressor and return it to jar in doctor’s office

A mother is claiming that a Snapchat video, initially shared between her and a few friends, has resulted in death threats towards her and her family after a third person shared it on Facebook. Now, the mother is facing criminal charges.

The video, posted on the social media site on Tuesday, shows a young girl licking a tongue depressor in a Florida doctor’s office and then placing it back in a jar with the others. Above the jar is a sign that reads, “Please do not touch medical supplies! Thank you.” There is an added Snapchat caption that reads, “Don’t tell me how to live my life.”

According to Action Jax News, another video was also filmed in the office, which showed three other children and the caption, “When you are running late as f***, this is how I’m gonna let my kids act.”

The mother, Cori Ward, said that she “wasn’t thinking” when she took the video and that the act was not part of the recent viral “licking challenge,” Action Jax News reports. She informed the station that she later removed the tongue depressor and others surrounding the contaminated depressor.

Ward claimed that she is now fearful for the safety of her family after receiving death threats from people who believe her child was participating in the challenge. The recent trend has resulted in the arrest of several customers who filmed themselves licking ice cream and other items in stores and returning them to the shelf, and then sharing the footage online.

“It’s horrible,” Ward said through tears. “I’m scared for my kids.”

All About Kids and Families Medical Center confirmed to First Coast News that the girl in the video was a patient and that they intended to get authorities involved.

They released the following statement: “We were notified yesterday that a patient had violated our trust with behavior that is inconsistent with the practices and standards that we uphold and expect at our facility.

“Upon notification of this isolated incident, we contacted law enforcement to request a full and thorough investigation. In addition, we immediately removed all materials and containers from the specific exam room and re-sanitized our entire facility. Our internal investigation does not reveal any resulting risks or harm to patients from this action.

“This type of behavior is not tolerated at All About Kids and Families Medical Center. Each year, we serve thousands of patients, and providing quality care and ensuring their safety is our top priority.”

Ward, 30, was arrested on Thursday, Action News Jax confirmed. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says that she is facing a charge of tampering with consumer product without regard for possible death/bodily injury.

12 PHOTOSHow to Get the Kids to Behave When You EntertainSee GalleryHow to Get the Kids to Behave When You Entertain

How can you get your brood to behave? Read on to find out.

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Start Early

It is unfair to allow kids to act like monkeys at the dinner table at home and then, expect them to walk the line when you are out. Family dinners can be casual, but they can also be respectful. Insist on good table manners early. Even young children can learn the basics.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Go Out Beforehand

Take them out to dinner in the weeks leading up to a holiday. Pick a place that is kid friendly, but where your kids can learn the proper etiquette of dining — something in between fast food and fine dining. Go early, when the restaurant is quiet, so you won’t have concerns about bothering the other patrons. Encourage kids to place their own order and to keep their napkin on their lap. Don’t bring electronics. Start the habit of fixing every problem with an app at a young age, and you will end up with a 12 year old who can’t carry on a conversation.

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Talk To The Kids Beforehand

Small children can get away with disrupting a dinner, but older kids should behave. A whiny 6 year old, or a surly adolescent is unacceptable. Talk about your expectations with kids old enough to understand prior to arriving at a holiday dinner. Most children will rise to the occasion when they know what is expected of them. Explain dinner is only a short part of the day, the adults work very hard to make it special and you will appreciate considerate behavior.

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Come Prepared

Bring cups with lids and keep glassware out of reach. Spills on your in-laws finest linen may raise a few eyebrows. That being said, keep your expectations low, and come prepared.

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Limit Silverware

Limit silverware to only the bare minimum.Knives and spoons can quickly turn into drumsticks or weapons.

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Don’t Feed The Kids Before

Do not feed your kids before sitting down for the formal meal. If kids are hungry, they will sit still longer.

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Bring Entertainment

Have a few, small holiday printables and a couple crayons in your back pocket. The smaller the paper, the less chance for disaster.

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Bring A Booster Seat

Bring booster seats with you, so little faces can rise to the occasion.

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Engage older kids in conversation during the meal. If they feel part of the table, they will behave accordingly.

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Let Them Play

When the meal is done, allow them to go play. The lingering part of the meal is boring for most adults. Don’t wait until they have their heads on their plates or are begging to be excused. As soon as reasonable, give them an out.

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Kids Table

In my home for the holidays, big kids sit with the family and little kids have their own, super-fun, all bets are off table. I know my sisters and sisters-in-law will enjoy themselves much more if their little ones are having a great time – food fights and all. However, not all of your hosts will have kid-friendly homes, and you shouldn’t expect the whole day to be catered to your kids. Plan ahead and hope for the best. But, remember, children often act uncharacteristically rude and grumpy just when you want them on their best behavior. In a crowded room, with the exhaustion that comes with the excitement and grown-ups peppering them with questions, we can only expect so much from the under five crowd. Sometimes, you just have to ignore them, drink your wine and pretend you don’t see the death stare from your mother-in-law.

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