Mrs Hinch fans cleaning hack removes toilet limescale for as little as 69p

Mrs Hinchhas racked up a huge following in her role as a “cleanfluencer” and boasts 4.6 million followers on Instagram.

The social media sensation, 32, who is called Sophie Hinchcliffe, now has many fan pages dedicated to sharing the best cleaning hacks. In particular, the Mrs Hinch Cleaning tips and tricks Facebook page made a recent discovery about how best to rid a toilet of limescale on a budget.

Limescale is an insoluble substance that builds up over years due to hard water leaving behind a high mineral content. Over time limescale builds up and even with regular cleaning some bowls seem to become encrusted with limescale that is unsightly and won’t scrub off with a loo brush or sponge.

One member encountered this issue and posted on Facebook: "How do I get rid limescale out of the toilet bowl? I’ve use coke for three days, every limescale toilet cleaner.

"I tried chipping away at it with a knife but it’s scratching the bowl. But it looks so bad, I don’t think it’s ever been cleaned. Just moved in and need help.”

The most popular suggestion by far was to remove stubborn limescale with a pumice stone that can cost as little as 69p.

One user suggested: "The only thing that worked for me was a pumice stone on a stick. The limescale came away like a stone… then binned it (couldn’t be flushed). Bought the pumice stone from Amazon.”

Another noted: “A pumice stone really does work, tried everything to get urinals/toilets scale-free.

“I got mine from Amazon – ones that also have a handle which is great.”

A third commented: "I did my son’s in his house that he had just moved into. I used a cheap pumice stone from Home Bargains or B&M and rubber gloves.

“I then started to rub the stone inside where the limescale and water is and it was really bad.

“When I finished it, it looked like a new toilet and no it didn’t scratch the bowl. Give it a try and you’ll be amazed."

Mrs Hinch’s fans didn’t stop there and recently theyshared a hack to get rid of condensation from windowsthat costs as little as £1.

One option is to purchase an electric dehumidifier which work to actively suck moisture from the air, but this can be expensive to buy and also use energy, which is not ideal if you're attempting to keep your bills down this winter.

An alternative and much cheaper option is to buy disposable dehumidifiers, which need to be disposed of once they are filled with water.

Disposable dehumidifiers can be purchased for as little as £1 at retailers such as Poundshop. The budget-friendly retailer sells a pack of two for £1, meaning they are only 50p each.


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