Mum beat breast cancer at 33 only to be diagnosed with incurable bone cancer

A mum who beat breast cancer after being diagnosed at just 33 has been given the devastating news she now has incurable bone cancer.

Michelle Hemphill, now 37, has been given a second diagnosis just days after her father was diagnosed with throat cancer.

The pair, from North Belfast, will be going through radiotherapy together as their loved ones struggle to come to terms with the diagnoses just three years after Michelle was given the all clear.

Michelle has been told that her bone cancer is incurable after a scan revealed a tumour in her spine, which had caused a fracture, BelfastLive reports.

The sales assistant was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, resulting in extensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

She was given the all clear in 2016.

But her family's joy and relief has turned to devastation after both she and her father were told they have cancer.

Michelle's daughter Caitlin said: "When mummy was given the all clear after one year of chemotherapy and radiotherapy we were all overjoyed.

"I was just so relieved that I wasn't going to lose my mum and my best friend, especially at such a young age of 33.

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