Mum detangles daughter's shockingly matted hair with £3 product

Children often find a way to mess up their hair somehow – whether by getting things like chewing gum stuck in it, or with super knots that refuse to detangle.

One mum who has to deal with her daughter’s shockingly matted hair has a quick and easy solution that only costs a few pounds.

Lucy Jobbins shared a step-by-step process for how she gets rid of the tangled mess on her daughter Penelope’s head.

The mum also shared a before-and-after pic, showing just how messy the hair was, and how sleek and shiny it became after using a £3 product.

Lucy begins washing the hair as normal – using Aussie shampoo and conditioner.

She then uses a heat protection spray (you can use any brand) as she blow dries the youngster’s hair.

But, crucially, Lucy uses the Got2b £3 hair oil to get the knots out.

The mum applies the oil, but not at the roots, and lets it sit for a few minutes. She then brushes the hair from the bottom up.

For the final step, Lucy uses a hair dyer to dry and straighten the hair.

The mum shared her tip on Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas.

Lucy said: ‘I’ve seen loads of parents asking how to avoid the hell of detangling hair after bath time. I have the answer!

‘I’ve never had to try anything other than these products on my daughter that I have always used on my own hair.’

Lucy continued: ‘I can’t even get a brush through her hair without this stuff.

‘I feel sick every time I wash her hair thinking “I’m never gonna get a brush through this mess” but it works… every time!’

Other parents were impressed. One person commented: ‘Her hair is lovely. Will try this with my little one.’

Another wrote: ‘I think I’ll use this on my hair!!’

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