Mum fuming as school insists she invites son’s 25 classmates to home bday party

Schools have to work hard to make sure children aren’t being excluded in class.

But should they intervene when kids arrange to meet up in their spare time?

It’s a question a mum raised on Reddit’s “Am I the A***hole” forum, where she asked if teachers should have a say in her six-year-old son’s birthday guest list.

The anonymous poster was worried when she was told to invite an entire class of 25 to her tiny flat to celebrate.

She said: “I told her there is no way I’m hosting 25 kids in my small apartment, and she suggested I move the party to a nearby park instead.

“I told her that there is no way I’m watching and feeding 25 children either, and that I’d never heard of this rule, and we certainly hadn’t been invited to every other child’s birthday party.”

The teacher put her foot down and threatened the child with detention, so the mum took things into her own hands.

She said: “She (said) if he didn’t bring invitations for the whole class the next day (yesterday), he’d have to turn his behaviour card to 'double red' and miss recess.

“So, instead, I took him out for the day and we had a blast getting ice cream, getting a Happy Meal, and picking out a small early birthday present, and I explained in a simple way why we were doing what we were doing.”

The Redditor admitted she felt some guilt about hauling her son out of school so they could avoid confrontation.

So she asked: “Am I the a***hole for letting my first grader skip school over a birthday party?”

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While some said the mum should have gone to the headteacher to complain instead of letting her child skip class, the vast majority agreed the school is in the wrong.

One commenter said: “Not the a***hole. I’m a teacher.

“As long as the invitations are passed out discreetly, there should be no reason that a parent has to invite ALL the children to a party. Not all families have the space or budget for that!

“I can’t believe that the teacher is punishing your six-year-old child for your decision.”

Another said: “She can’t force you to host and pay for 25 kids. That’s beyond ridiculous.”

And a third added: “Another wrong message to teach kids is to expect to be included.

“Life is full of rejections and disappointments. It sucks, really, it does. But learning to cope with not being included is an important lesson to learn for a child.”

So what do you make of the awkward situation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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