Mum is shocked by amount of dirt her Shark XL vacuum collected

What’s really lurking in your carpet: Mum is horrified after seeing what her vacuum cleaner picked up after just two days

  • Mum-of-four was shocked at the dirt and dust lurking in her carpet 
  • Cheree used the Shark XL pet vacuum to clean her home 
  • Images reveal the shocking amount of particles lurking in plain sight

A mum-of-four has issued a warning about the dirt, dust and grime that could be lurking inside your carpet. 

Cheree, who runs the website ‘Oh So Busy Mum’, was astounded after using her new Shark vacuum just days after her Dyson.

‘I just vacuumed the whole house and look at all the dust, dirt and hair it pulls up. The other branded vacuums we owned previously, don’t even come close to this machine!’ Cheree wrote. 

‘This is with five girls with long hair, one dog and a construction site across the road.’

Cheree said she vacuums the ‘main areas’ of the house every second day and the bedrooms ‘once a week’. 

Mum Cheree, who runs the website ‘Oh So Busy Mum’, was astounded after using the Shark Lift Away XL Pet Corded Upright Vacuum (pictured) to clean her family’s home

Images shared on Facebook revealed just how much debris was lurking in the carpet after just two days. Cheree said she vacuums the ‘main areas’ of the house every second day and the bedrooms ‘once a week’ 

The appliance is described as Shark’s ‘most powerful cleaning technologies’ and is designed to pick up stubborn dirt. 

While the product has a hefty price tag of $599, Cheree said she prefers it over alternative brands. 

‘My Dyson stick just went to the dump a few weeks ago. I was sick of the tangle and the dirt falling out of it. I’m going to get another Shark stick for downstairs,’ she added.  

What are the best ways to clean a rug or carpet?

* Vacuum the underside instead of the top of a large rug to clean it, the dust just falls out of the rug and can then be swept up

* Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming to clean and deodorise 

* Wet your rug and apply a layer of shaving cream to it, then take it outside and use a high pressure hose to blast the shaving cream off

* Spray Nifti all-purpose cleaning spray on the stain, lay a clean towel on top and then iron it for a few seconds and the stain will lift off

A mum-of-six has used an iron, towel and Nifti cleaning spray to lift unwanted carpet stains. Detailing a step-by-step guide online, the woman said she lets the Nifti spray soak into the stain for ‘five minutes or so’ before placing the towel on top (right)

Other mums thanked Cheree for sharing her thoughts on the vacuum, and many were in disbelief. 

‘Love this review – I still have my shark navigator from 10 years ago and is still going strong… Best vacuum I’ve ever owned,’ one mum wrote. 

‘Looks like I need to try – I have four girls plus myself, plus two dogs!’ another added. 

A third said: ‘Wow that’s awesome! It looks like it holds a lot of dust and hair from around the house’.

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