Mum names sons after films like Joker but trolls say they sound like criminals

A mum who named her five boys after TV and film characters says rude strangers troll her for her choice.

Rachael Cresswell, 42, and her husband Daniel, 39, were inspired by their favourite shows when it came to baby names.

The couple have a one-year-old named Lief, after discovering the birth name of Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix was Leaf.

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They also have Jaxon, eight, named after Sons of Anarchy character Jax, while The Notebook inspired the parents to name their seven-year-old Noah.

Six-year-old Cole got his name from The Affair, as Bodhi, three, was from Point Break.

Rachael has never been bothered about having a daughter and even worried her one-year-old Lief would be a little girl.

The stay-at-home mum, from South Devon, says the family are constantly watched when they go out and are told by strangers how "well-behaved" the kids are.

She said: "They are all named after TV shows we were watching together while I was pregnant. It was really great to give us inspiration.

"We were struggling with a name for Leif. We were watching the film 'Signs' and were commenting on how good Joaquin Phoenix is in it and then found out his birth name is Leaf. Dan really liked him in the Joker too.

"The Scandinavian spell it Leif which is more common. Ocean is Leif's middle name because we live by the sea and I spent a lot of time at the beach. All of our sons have really grown into their names.

"Most babies suit their names I think. People always ask if I want a girl, but with Leif I was actually worried he might be a girl."

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Racheal was unsure if she wanted children until she reached her 30s but decided to start a family.

After giving birth to Jaxon via emergency C-section in February 2014, she found herself loving motherhood and fell pregnant with Noah six months later.

She added: "I didn't know I would enjoy motherhood so much. We ended up with three under three."

Their third son Cole was born in December 2016, followed by Bodhi in May 2019 and their youngest Leif in January last year.

The choice to name their sons after TV characters and films came after the couple were looking for inspiration.

"It was hard having to think of things," Rachael said. "They are all films or shows we've watched together and liked when I was pregnant."

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But the mum says some people can be opinionated about her choice for her children's names.

She admitted: "Someone told me they though Jaxon sounded like a criminal. Some people were not so sure about the name Leif online but family and friends love it. People like to have an opinion about names.

"People comment things like 'she did not name her child Leif'."

Rachael insists parenting five boys can be hectic but they're usually well-behaved.

And her boys all get on well but have different personalities.

She concluded: "Jaxon is sensible and has the purest of hearts. He likes to mother his siblings. Noah has autism and he's quite quirky and really funny. Cole and Bodhi are both a whirlwind and Leif is very calm – for now."

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