Mum transforms into daughter after borrowing crop top leaving lads in love

A mum who borrowed her daughter's crop top left lads 'in love' due to her youthful transformation.

Sav Silva decided to dress her mum Trina Silva up in some risqué clothing from her wardrobe so she could jump on the viral 'hot mum' trend on TikTok.

The challenge which sees women 'turn' their mums into them has already made quite the impression, as the hashtag 'transforming my mum into me' has a whopping 28million views.

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And, it looks like many think Trina has 'won' the trend.

In a clip which racked up 4m views, Sav let her mum rummage through her clobber in able to nail the age-defying transformation.

At first, Trina strutted towards the camera in a pair of blue jeans and a short sleeve red T-shirt. The stunning mum let her long blonde locks naturally fall over her chest and wore little makeup.

After a quick change into Sav's clothing, Trina walked out with bucket loads of confidence as she rocked a halter neck crop top that flaunted her busty cleavage.

She paired the midriff exposing garment with a pair of black leather look pants that hugged her curvy hips.

To finish off the 'hot' look, Trina paired added some black sunglasses and a jacket to really capture Sav's style.

Work it, mum!

Impressed with the mum's transformation, many people fled to the comments to fawn over the beauty.

One lad commented: "I knew right away this was gonna be a winner."

Another confessed: "This is why I love mums."

While a third admitted: "Now I believe in love at first sight."

Someone else gushed: "I think I love your mum."

Meanwhile, a fifth bloke declared: "LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, candy crush username… I need it all!"

And, this man gasped: "Holy wow!!!"


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