Mum trolled for giving son nickname that ‘makes him sound like drug addict’

A woman faced backlash after she revealed she calls her two-year-old son by a very unusual nickname.

London Goheen claims she based her son’s nickname on his first name, but people have suggested otherwise.

The little one is called Stone, and often appears on London's social media pages as she works as an influencer.

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The mum recently took to Instagram to post a picture of herself cuddling her son.

London, 25, posted the snap on her story, and said: "Stoner babe, I love you."

The social media star, who lives in Texas, US, told people she calls him by the quirky name as she's "never met or known anyone with it".

But the name "Stoner" hasn't impressed a lot of people after it was posted on influencer watchdog account Dutch Minty.

It was shared alongside the caption: "This has to be one of the worst nicknames a parent has ever given to their child."

The page has 19,000 followers and describes itself as an "Aussie influencer opinions page".

A lot of people said they thought the name was "extreme" – and some even went as far as to say it was the "worst" they'd ever come across.

People thought it was inappropriate due to it's association with smoking marijuana – with some fearing it makes the child sound like a drug addict.

It's not really all that clear where the terms "stoner" and "stoned" derive, but some think it comes from the Italian slang word "stonato", which means bewildered, stupid or confused.

One person asked: "Does she realise her mistake?"

Another chirped in: "That’s unfortunate."

Since she received the backlash she hasn't said anything in response, and calls her little one Stoney with affection.

In the past London has previously opened up about being a "boy mum", and that her little one "makes her whole entire heart so happy".

She now has around 469,000 followers on Instagram where she documents aspects of her life.

The influencer separated from her ex last year after they secretly wed in December 2020 – at the time she heavily pregnant with their son.


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