‘My baby daddy gave his new child same name as our kid – but I’m not alone’

Baby names can be tough to pick out but one mum revealed the father of her child clearly didn't put too much thought into naming his new kid — deciding to use the same one they gave their little one.

Mum-of-two Erin Melendrez took to social media to share the bizarre story.

In a video posted to TikTok, where she goes by @Erinspaige, the influencer and OnlyFans creator revealed to her 400,000 followers that when her baby daddy had a child with another woman he gave his new baby the "exact same name" as their daughter.

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While mouthing the words to Know Yourself by Drake, Erin captioned the video: "My baby daddy named his new kid, the exact same name as our kid."

But to make matters worse, she then revealed it was her who came up with the name in the first place, not her baby daddy — meaning she'd technically named his new child too.

"I NAMED BOTH OUR BABIES," she added in frustration.

Viewers were left baffled by his wild decision.

One person commented: "These dudes are just different".

Erin agreed, responding: "Facts lol I know how to pick 'em."

Another questioned what the new child's mum thought, commenting: "How is the other baby mama okay with this?"

While one viewer speculated they knew exactly why he'd chosen the same name, writing: "It's so they don't have to remember anything".

But while some couldn't believe he'd used the same name, Erin isn't alone in the situation — which is apparently more common than you might think.

Her comment section was flooded with women telling similar stories.

One said: "Nice to see I'm not the only one I picked Zeppelin but I had a girl… 8 years later he named his son that. I don't think baby mummy knows."

Another wrote: "I named our daughter after a colour and said I wanted to keep that going… he got someone else pregnant and took the new name I came up with."

A third added: "My ex did the same got another girl pregnant tried to get her to name the baby same as ours."

Some even revealed their baby daddies had named their other children after them.

"My ex named his new baby after me… my name is Angelina, his name is Angelo," one said.

Another commented: "My bd gave his new daughter my 2 middle names as her first and middle name".


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