My boyfriend left house a vile mess while I was sick – I want a new partner

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A woman has been left fuming after her partner left their home an absolute pigsty while she was sick.

Posting to the TikTok account @kittycoonkclipz, Kitty said she was "fed the f*ck up" after seeing the mess her boyfriend made while she was bedridden for a week.

Sure enough, the kitchen looks like it's been left in a disgusting state.

In the video she uploaded you can see a myriad of dirty dishes left in the sink, the countertops are covered in bits of food and her boyfriend hasn't put anything away.

"I was sick in bed for over a week with a stomach bug and still recovering," she explained.

"I have no words for the rage, disappointment and disgust I'm feeling right now. I am absolutely filled with speechless rage."

Kitty went on to say she is now looking for a "new life partner" after realising she spent "six years on a dud".

In another video, she said she lost a lot during the relationship, such as her independence and her job because of a rough pregnancy back in 2015.

She added that she also lost her "self-worth" and "will to live".

"The stress pushed me to the edge three times this year," she explained.

At the time of writing the original video has received 3.3million views and thousands of people have flocked to the comment section to show their support.

"Oh, I am so sorry. Please please know you deserve so much better and you deserve to get out of that relationship," one person said.

"This is 100 per cent worth ending a relationship over. There are people out there who would never treat you this way and you deserve better," said another.

"That's so childish of them, it's really not that hard to help clean and the fact that you were sick means that was most of his miss anyways.

A fourth person added: "That's not a partner, that's another child."

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