My girlfriend breastfeeds me as it forms strong bond and milk gives me energy

A couple have been accused of “fuelling the stigma” that’s attached to breastfeeding.

Lana Michaels and her fiancé Shawn faced backlash when they appeared on Channel 4 documentary Breastfeeding my Boyfriend.

Some viewers were angered by the show as they believe it’s promoting breastfeeding as a fetish.

One accused: “(They’re) sexualising breastfeeding and by airing it it’s further pushing the taboo that already exists around women who breastfeed their babies in public."

And another agreed: “It’s tedious to see the natural maternal process of breastfeeding (which I knew was sexualised for niche porn) co-opted and given airtime.”

But despite the criticism, Lana and Shawn believe they’re not doing anything wrong.

Shawn believes his sexual experiences have nothing to do with mums who breastfeed their children in public.

He also says breastmilk has helped him to feel closer to his girlfriend.

The Channel 4 star told Metro: “Breastfeeding between adults creates a really strong bond that helps an understanding of the other person and feel a deeper love because you’re not only exchanging the milk but getting the energy that comes from the other person.”

Lana added: “Women’s’ breasts have always been sexual, men have always like women’s breasts, it’s always been the case.

“You can compare it to feet – a lot of people like feet and have feet fetishes which is way bigger than breastfeeding but we don’t go around hiding our feet and not wearing sandals.”

The mum-of-two doesn’t think there is as much stigma about public breastfeeding as people are claiming.

She argued: “I don’t think the issue of people judging people for breastfeeding in public is that big.

“When it happens it makes the news so it seems like it’s going on everywhere but it’s not, most people just turn a blind eye, it’s just normal.”

Despite receiving some negative comments on Twitter, the couple say they’ve been branded “brave” by fans.

Apparently, some viewers have even asked them how they can get into adult breastfeeding too.

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You can stream Breastfeeding my Boyfriend on All 4 now.

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