‘My girlfriend is angry that I share a bed with my mum’

A man divided people online after he shared that he sleeps in the same bed with his mum, which makes his girlfriend uncomfortable.

The man took to Reddit to explain that his girlfriend was upset with him and criticised his relationship with his mum when he told her that he lets his mum sleep in his bed when she visits.

In his post, he said his girlfriend was horrified by this and went as far as to ask him if he planned on having sex with his mother.

He added that they were a “close-knit family” and he would also share a bed with his sister when they travelled.

He said: “I would rather sleep in my bed than sleep on the couch or kick my mum onto the couch.”

Many of the comments were on the man’s side and believed the girlfriend was overreacting to the situation.

One comment said: “Your girlfriend sounds gross. The fact that she literally asked you if you’re going to have sex with your mum.”

Another added: “It’s a red flag, she can’t comprehend that people can share a bed and not be sexual.”

A third added: “His mother made him and he came out of her, yet it’s weird to share a bed with this family member…no. The girlfriend is the weird one, stop sexualizing the situation.”

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However, a few others commented and said that they found it strange to share a bed with a parent or relative of the opposite gender.

One commenter backing her up said: “I think it’s weird but it just depends on family dynamics.

“I’m female and would share a bed with my mum if I had to, but not my dad.

“I’ve shared a bed with my daughter, stepdaughter, sister and friends but it would feel very odd with dad and even my stepson for that matter.”

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