My Mother's Day flowers arrived upside down and covered in compost

My family splashed out £35 on a Waitrose bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day – I’m fuming over the state it arrived in

  • A mother was disappointed to find her basket of Waitrose flowers damaged 
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A woman has blasted Waitrose after the £35 bouquet of flowers her family bought for Mother’s Day arrived in an absolute state.

The anonymous recipient was sent blooms from the supermarket chain but said the basket was upside down and the plants buried in compost.

She received the £35 bouquet of pink roses as an early gift for Mother’s Day but was left in disbelief when she discovered the damage.

The ‘disappointing’ flowers were bought by her husband on behalf of her children, who currently are not in the country.

She said the plants were not held securely in place and created ‘such a mess’.

An anonymous mother was left disappointed after she said her flowers from Waitrose were damaged when she unboxed them

The mother contacted Waitrose to complain and was told she would be reimbursed.

She said: ‘I opened the box and the whole thing was upside down and the plants were underneath the soil.

‘The roses looked very sad and the buds had come out. I think it was because they hadn’t packed it properly.

‘It was really really disappointing. They were for Mother’s Day on behalf on the family. I couldn’t believe it – it was a real shame.

‘I have been shopping in Waitrose since they launched and god knows how much I’ve spent there.’

Although the plants were delivered the right way up, the mother believed Waitrose were at fault due to the lack of internal packaging.

She added: ‘When it was delivered to the door it was the right way up, but there was nothing to hold it in there which makes me think it was the Waitrose packaging.

‘It was just such a mess everywhere.’

The woman’s husband had bought the flowers on behalf of her children who are not in the country 

The recipient believes that the damage was caused by a lack of internal packaging when the product was delivered

The basket was reportedly upside down and the plants were buried in compost when she came to open to box

A spokesman for Waitrose said: ‘We are very sorry this didn’t meet our normal high standards.

‘We’ve arranged for a replacement and a gesture of goodwill to be sent to our customer.’

The mother is not the only customer who has been disappointed with the blooms delivered to her door this week.

Tanya Sweeney, from Dublin, shared her disappointment after claiming the online blooms that she had ordered looked nothing like the colourful spring bouquet she was expecting.

Twitter user Tanya Sweeney, from Dublin, claims she thought she was getting a colourful spring bouquet from online retailer eflorist

Tanya claims the bunch she received had no colourful blooms in them and wilted after a few days

She took to Twitter to show that the ‘surprise mam’ bouquet that she ordered from online retailer eflorist turned up as a bunch of lacklustre white flowers.

The customer posted pictures showing: ‘ 1. What I ordered from @eflorist 2. What arrived: 3. What they said when I made a complaint.’

She said her complaints fell on deaf ears, posting a response from the company’s customer service team which says the flowers, thought to be worth around £35, ‘are fresh’ and ‘meet the colour scheme advertised’.

The company concluded the response by saying it would not be pursuing her complaint.

Sweeney added later that the response was ‘an embarrassment!’, saying she was only contacted after sending the company multiple emails.

MailOnline contacted eflorist for comment. The company deny that complaints were ignored and say they ‘had been assisting this customer throughout their issue and agreed a resolution that the customer was happy with’. 

They added that the image the customer used as a comparison on Twitter was not the product they had ordered and told MailOnline: ‘We understand their frustration and regret that our service was not faster in resolving the issue however their complaint has been resolved.’

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