Naked model kicked out of shopping centre for wearing nothing but body paint

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    A brazen Playboy model was filmed stripping off and strutting around a shopping mall in nothing but body paint – but the stunt didn’t end well.

    In the clip, Francia James stands in the middle of a shopping centre dressed up as the Nutcracker.

    At first, it seems the outfit is just rather tight-fitting but as the camera gets in closer it soon becomes clear that it is actually body paint.

    She can be seen handing out nuts to passersby for an internet challenge encouraging abstinence among men.

    “You want to take a nut?” Francia asks men passing by.

    She persists: “You want a nut? You can take a nut.”

    But the stunt soon comes to a grinding halt when security notice what is going on.

    One guard approaches and asks her to leave, despite her protestations they will be going soon anyway.

    She is then seen storming out saying: “I can’t believe I got kicked out, I always get kicked out.”

    The model shared the video to her Instagram page @francty, where she boasts more than 11million followers.

    One person wrote: “Omg this is amazing."

    Someone else added: “This is actually a great concept … do not know who thought of this one. But i dig it! Super funny!”

    Another user wrote: "This is actually a super sick costume!"

    A third wrote: “You look good as the nutcracker mamacita."

    Another said: "Your costume is amazing."

    The model has often hit headlines with her brazen acts in public.

    In 2020, she left her fans in stitches when she casually strolled into a supermarket wearing a gimp mask.

    And, near the start of the coronavirus pandemic, she was filmed wearing a tiny thong as a face mask after refusing to buy one from a store.

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