On This Day: 50 years since Concorde’s supersonic jet flew in 213 minutes

50 years ago (1973) We reported on Concorde’s first-ever non-stop flight across the Atlantic in a record time of just over three-and-a-half hours.

The supersonic jet flew from Washington DC to Paris’s Orly airport at an average speed of 954mph, crashing through the sound barrier 27 minutes after take-off and cutting the normal flight time in half.

Scheduled flights from Paris and London to New York’s JFK airport began in 1977.

55 years ago (1968) The musical Hair opened at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London, following the abolition of censorship laws in the UK.

Featuring a scene in which the cast appeared naked, reviews were mixed with one critic saying it flouted too many taboos.

Among the original cast members were Paul Nicholas and Elaine Paige.

27 years ago (1996) The Afghan capital city of Kabul fell to the Taliban.

The hardline Islamist group hunted down and killed their political opponents and introduced public executions and amputations for law-breakers, while women in the country were barred entirely from public life.

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