Only 2% can spot the odd animal hidden amongst camels within 11 secs

An optical illusion is a mind-bending, shape-shifting image which challenges the brain’s way of perceiving things.

Many people like to try and solve them for fun and to challenge their brain.

And boy do we have a good one for you to try.

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Only 2% of people can spot the odd animal hidden amongst the camels in the picture seen in this article within 11 seconds.

So it basically means you're a genius if you can spot it within the time frame.

The image has been shared as a picture puzzle for children and adults.

Although we think you'd have to be a pretty smart kid to work it out in such a short amount of time!

In the optical illusion, you can see a man holding one of the camels on which a lady is sitting.

One one of the other camels, two kids are enjoying a ride.

Other camels seen in the image are carrying things on their back.

The illusion challenges viewers to find the odd animal amongst them – have you seen it yet?

If you are struggling then we'll give you a helping hand. If you look closely at the right side of the image, you will see the odd animal is carrying stuff on its back. We've included a handy circled photo to reveal the answer to you.

So, the odd animal is the last one in the queue. It's not a camel as it has no humps!

The illusion has reportedly left thousands of adults scratching their heads as they try to spot the odd animal.

Did you spot it? If so, why not have a try at finding the hidden ghost in this optical illusion.


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