Optical illusion is ‘amazing’ at showing if you are kind or passionate

A fun personality test has quickly exploded in popularity online with millions of views as it is able to reveal who is known for their kind-hearted nature or who is known for their fiery temperament.

Viewers should look at this stunning art piece, which should either look like a snowy mountain landscape or a puppy lying down and sleeping.

Depending on what you see first, this psychological picture should show what kind of friend you are, and if you are known for your compassion or passion when it comes to relationships.

This nature brainteaser was first shared in a video online by Mia Yilin, an optical illusion specialist who has been able to amaze people on social media by being able to accurately pinpoint a person’s personality.

One user said: “Wow this is so correct but I’ve never thought I would feel called out be an optical illusion” while another person wrote: “This was spot on for me, it’s amazing how accurate this was.”

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If you first noticed the snowy mountains, you are a very compassionate person. You are very easygoing and are seen as very helpful to those around you. However, sometimes you can be a pushover and need to learn to not let others take advantage of your good nature.

Mia said: “You are a very friendly person. You don’t like to argue over small things, so you often let others have their way.”

You enjoy the small things in life and are an optimist at heart. You can sometimes lack ambition or the desire to get ahead, but that is simply because you are comfortable where you currently are in life. No matter the situation, you always try your best and loved ones know they can always count on you.

Mia added: “Sometimes lack initiative in life, you are super hard working and always give everything a hundred percent, even if you don’t get much in return.”

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If you first see a dog sleeping, you may be feeling stressed at the moment. You can easily feel overwhelmed when dealing with problems, and it causes you to try and ignore issues or put off dealing with them.

Mia said: “You like to pretend you are indifferent to the major life events happening around you, but in reality, you feel anxious and insecure.”

You are a very loving person who feels things very deeply, but you do not let other people take advantage of your passionate nature. You may sometimes procrastinate but loved ones know you always keep your word no matter what.

Mia explained: “You’re quite emotionally volatile. When things go your way, you are over the moon, but when they don’t you feel very frustrated. You also take promises super seriously and what annoys you the most are people who go back on their word.”

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