People shocked to learn reason public loo doors don't touch the floor

Is THIS why public toilet doors don’t touch the floor? TikToker claims he’s solved mystery puzzling US tourists

  • A TikToker has shared three reasons why public toilet stalls don’t touch the floor
  •  User MattypStories shared the explanation to his 903,000 TikTok followers
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You’ve probably noticed that many public toilet doors don’t actually touch the floor. 

While public conveniences differ around the globe, the raised door is something that often baffles US tourists. 

One TikToker, known for his facts and theories, claims he has solved the mystery. 

In the video, captioned ‘And now you know’, user MattypStories, suggested three explanations to his 903,000 followers. 

A TikTok user claims to have solved the mystery as to why US public toilets don’t touch the ground – and provided three interesting theories 

Popular TikToker Mattypstories said there are many ‘logical’ reasons why they don’t touch the floor, and one of them is in case of emergencies 

He said: ‘You’ve probably wondered at one point or another, why bathroom doors don’t go all the way to the ground.

‘But there are actually many logical reasons why they do this.’

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He continued: ‘First off, if there’s ever an emergency, it would be pretty easy to see what happened and get the person some help.’

Secondly, he explained: ‘It makes them way easier to clean.

‘Public bathrooms are used quite often, meaning that they need to be cleaned many times throughout the day.

‘And having the space under the door makes it quite a bit easier.’

Lastly, he said: ‘It’s a lot cheaper to buy a door that has part of it cut off than the full door itself.’

Since it was posted, the video has raked in over 31,000 likes and has received hundreds of comments from users all over the globe, claiming their toilet doors touch the ground.

One person wrote: ‘This is very much a North America thing – you just need to travel – full doors all over the world.’ 

Meanwhile, one person suggested: ‘You forgot if the door gets stuck you can crawl out.’

Another person added: ‘That’s why I don’t use them, it’s weird’. 

Matty’s theories are echoed by the toilet fitting company, ToiletPartitions. The website suggests that the design makes it easier to clean and determine whether the stall is occupied. 

It reads: ‘The open floor plan makes it easy for janitors to clean the stalls. A mop or pressure washer can easily fit into the stalls and between the doors on the floor.’

Adding: ‘Rather than having to knock on the door to see if a restroom is available, a gap at the end of the stall helps to determine if the stall is vacant or not.’

In addition, it suggests they promote better air circulation through ‘natural airflow’ and allows enough access for people in wheelchairs. 

The website adds that it discourages inappropriate behavior and leaves space for emergencies as it offers ‘a quick way out’. 

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