People shout at me in the street as my wife looks 12 – Im scared to go out

A couple say they're cruelly trolled because the wife "looks like a child" – and it's got so bad her husband hates going outside.

Lyndsey Ashton is 22, but after suffering from rare cancer as a child, her puberty was stunted. She stands at just 4'10" and looks like a girl in her very early teens. Lindsey’s voice, too, makes her sound as if she’s no more than 12 or 13.

“People assume in our relationship that Jon sees me as a child and that we can't be as happy as we are,” the mum of two said. Jon admitted he himself was wrong-footed by Lyndsey's appearance, saying: "I honestly thought she was 12 or 13.”

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But Lyndsey’s mum helped things along. He recalled to the Love Don’t Judge podcast: "I got quite concerned when her mum asked me one day ‘Jon, how old are you? Are you single?’”

Six years and two babies later, Jon and Lyndsey are as happy as ever, but their life together has more than its fair share of challenges. After Lyndsey proudly uploaded some baby pictures, she was bombarded with negative comments.

One commenter accused her of getting pregnant “just to get a council house” and dozens of others questioned Jon’s motives, saying she looks like a child.

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“I replied with a video just saying that we don't have a council house," Lyndsey said. "We own our own house. But even if we did why would it matter? At the end of the day I think it's a wonderful thing that [council housing] is offered to people that generally do need it.”

Things got so bad, John said he didn't want to leave the house as people kept "shouting" at the couple because of his wife's appearance.

Lyndsey said that getting pregnant was something of a challenge too. She said: “I was told by midwives that it was going to be horrendous for me.."

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“They said I was probably going to be constantly sick, and I was going to be in agony because I'm so small.”

In fact Lyndsey, carried their son to term before having a planned C-section and the couple now have two healthy, and very lively, boys.

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