Pepper Mill hailed a ‘lightsaber’ gives chefs game-changing experience to cook

A chef has come up with a 'game-changing' invention to reduce meal prep time with a lightsaber-like pepper mill.

Cleve Oines realised the average pepper mills available in the market take up to 70 cranks to produce a single tablespoon of freshly ground pepper.

He noticed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay cranking 44 times for a single dish in his Master Class tutorial and other chefs spending way more time on grinding pepper.

To solve the problem, he created a heavy-duty tool, Pepper Cannon, to reserve your energy while it does the work for you.

Made from solid chunk of aerospace-grade aluminium, the pitch-black mill gives a Star Wars vibe to chefs when they season it with steak or tuna.

In a food prep video Cleve shared on MÄNNKITCHEN Instagram, he effortlessly removes the top and fills the mill with fresh fennel.

Then he sets the coarseness to fine before seasoning it on the elk meatball patties.

In just a few easy cranks, the fennel come out in perfect consistency.

He then drops some peppercorns and oregano to top up the flavour profile.

Viewers were convinced and said they "need one" after watching the video.

But the Pepper Cannon doesn't come cheap, it's priced at an eye-watering price of £199 and is available on Amazon and the MÄNNKITCHEN website.

Food lovers, however, said it's "worth it" despite the expensive price tag.

One said: "I was a little surprised by the price, but I read the reviews and red the benefits and features and made the jump. It is well worth the price – design, quality and function."

Another was impressed by the quality so much that they have become "pepper nerds", adding: "Price divided over the course of a lifetime of increased use and happiness equals a bargain.

"We used our old one a couple times. I fear we humiliated it with the laughter."

And chef James Kenji López-Alt reviewed: "Grinds faster than a roadrunner, feels like a lightsaber handle in solid aluminum…It may even replace my beloved Unicorn, which I’ve been loyal to for 14 years."

MÄNNKITCHEN's Pepper Cannon is also a great gift idea for friends and family who enjoy cooking.

For those who prefer to spend less on a kitchen staple, you can consider a classic beechwood-made Peugeot pepper mill or an electric mill from German brand Zwilling.

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