Perfect contour stick for dark skin goes viral on TikTok

The beauty industry has historically done dark-skinned Black women a disservice when it comes to shade ranges and, unfortunately, it’s still not the norm for a brand to cater to the very deepest complexions well.

Which is one reason why a recent TikTok video by US-based beauty content creator Golloria has really taken off, after she showed off the results of Fenty Beauty Match Stix in the shade Caviar, £21 here, on her dark skin tone.

“The way the @fentybeauty caviar match stick contour is for the dark skin girls!! Get into it immediately!!” she captioned the video, which has already been viewed more than two million times on the app.

"I have struggled for years – for YEARS – to find a contour,” she explained in the clip before applying the product. “Today we're going to be trying the Fenty Match Stick in the colour Caviar. It is the darkest shade that they have in this Match Stick but I'm scared!

"First things first I love the packaging, I think it is really cute. This is what it looks like – it's pretty dark as you can see, but when I put it towards my skin it kind of looks the same shade as my foundation,” she continued. “Let's just go ahead and try it.”

The beauty creator was visibly shocked when the contour actually worked really well over her foundation. "Wait, I know y'all see that!" she enthused.

"You guys, when I tell you this blended out literally so easily and it's actually darker than my foundation! This is the final product and I just have to say wow,” she added, showing off the final results.

Naturally, several other TikTokers were delighted to see just how well the Fenty buy worked on Golloria’s complexion.

“Fenty really is THAT makeup line,” one commented, while another added, “When I tell you I GASPED… you’re stunninggggg.”

Meanwhile a third chimed in with, “IT LOOKS SO GOOD ahhh look at you glow” as a fourth also wrote, “I smiled so big with you when you first put the contour on bc it looks so good”.

We couldn’t agree more – beauty TikTok strikes again!

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