Pilots Spot A Man In A Jet Pack Flying High Above LAX

Pilots flying into LAX recently were left stunned and maybe even a little scared when they spotted a man using a jetpack 3000 feet in the air.

Los Angeles is one of the most famous cities in the world. To most who have never been there, it is also viewed as one of the most glamorous cities in the world. That’s because it’s the home of Hollywood. In a city filled with millions of people, those from the outside looking in still assume that everyone in LA bumps into a big star at least twice a day.

It’s also where those with an aspiration to become one of those big stars heads in an attempt to get their own big break. It only happens for a select few, though. As for those who know LA well, most would tell you it is one of the world’s wilder cities. You might not stumble across a star as often as you think, but chances are you won’t have to wait very long to see something out of the ordinary.

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Take a couple of pilots flying into LAX recently. The control tower at the very busy airport recorded reports of not one, but two pilots encountering a man using a jet-pack flying high above the ground. 3000 feet above the ground, reports BBC. “Tower, American 1997 – we just passed a guy in a jetpack,” one incoming pilot relayed to officials in the LAX control tower.

When asked by the tower whether the jet-pack riding daredevil was to the left or the right of the aircraft, the pilot reported back that they were 300 yards to the left, so not far away at all. If anyone had any suspicions that the pilot was seeing things, theirs was the second report that day of a jet-pack flying high above LAX.

As to who was responsible for this, that remains a mystery. The FBI is invetigating though, as although it appears amusing on the surface, this is very serious business. There’s speculation that the jet-pack wasn’t sporting a person at all, and that it was merely a mannequin attached to a drone. An official back at the control tower probably said it best, replying “only in LA” when the pilot first reported the jet-pack rider.

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