Prince Charles Did This To Make Sure Princess Diana Would Never Be Queen

Prince Charles reportedly did everything in his power to prevent Princess Diana from becoming the next Queen of England. Prior to their divorce in 1996, Charles allegedly told his advisors to make legal plans that would prevent Diana from taking the title and even met with his mistress about how to handle the potential fallout.

Prince Charles tries to keep Princess Diana from the throne

Charles allegedly drew up plans to stop Diana, the Princess of Wales, from becoming Queen because she refused to get a divorce. The two tied the knot in 1981 in a lavish ceremony that was watched by millions of people.

Although they had two children together, their marriage completely fell apart by 1992, when they formally separated. At the time, Diana knew that Charles had been having an affair with his former girlfriend, Camilla Parker Bowles, but she apparently had no interest in getting a divorce.

According to Express,Charles was devastated by Diana’s decision and by 1995 was already making plansto stop Diana from being a part of the monarchy. An inside source claims thatCharles contacted his team of legal advisors and asked them to start drawing upplans to prevent Diana’s coronation. Short of getting a divorce, it is unclearwhat Charles and his lawyers were planning to do that would stop Diana frominheriting the title.

“I will never sit on the throne with that woman at my side!”Charles allegedly shared.

Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles meet in secret

As if that was not bad enough, Charles reportedly metCamilla in secret once he found out that Diana was coming clean about hisaffair. Charles learned that Diana was going to reveal all of her secrets on BBC Panorama and reached out to Camillaahead of the bombshell interview. The Prince of Wales reportedly learned aboutDiana’s plans during his 47th birthday, which he celebrated in Germany. Thebirthday festivities happened a week before Diana sat down for her interview.

Although the world was shocked by Diana’s admissions, therevelations actually sped up the divorce proceedings. In fact, Queen Elizabethis believed to have urged Charles and Diana to get a divorce directly after theinterview. Even with Her Majesty’s urging, it took Diana two months to come toterms with the end of her marriage. The two finalized their divorce in thesummer of 1996, a year before Diana’s tragic death in a car wreck in France.

What title will Camilla take once Prince Charles becomesKing?

Although Charles did not want Diana to take a new title, heallegedly wants Camilla to be named Queen once he takes the throne. Insidesources believe that Charles is pushing for Camilla to take the royal title,despite public opinion being against it.

It was previously believed that Camilla wanted to be calledPrincess Consort once Charles inherits the crown. The decision lines up withCamilla’s choice to take the title as Duchess of Cornwall when she marriedCharles instead of being called the Princess of Wales.

Charles has been waiting a long time to become the King ofEngland and his public image took a huge hit in the wake of his affair. Somemembers of the royal family, however, believe that Charles has sufficientlyrepaired his reputation in the UK and that people are not against Camillataking the title of Queen. This is largely due to Camilla’s involvement withcharitable organizations, including raising awareness for children’s literacy,victims of sexual abuse, and animal welfare.

What about Prince William?

While Prince Charles is next in line to the throne, thereare many people who would prefer to see William take the crown instead. Somehave even argued that William has more royal blood in his veins than Charles.Charles and Diana were distantly related, though her ancestry can be tieddirectly to the King Charles II and King James II. Charles, on the other hand,can only be traced back to an illegitimate source. 

Bloodlines aside, all signs point towards Charles becomingthe next King of England, unless he chooses to abdicate. But given how long hehas waited for the throne, it is more likely that Charles will accept the titleonce Queen Elizabeth is no longer around.

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