Private members clubs: Where the Royal Family enjoy the most exclusive nights

Peerages: Expert compares list to a ‘private members club'

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Private members clubs have many benefits, and quite a few members of the Royal Family are members of these high-status venues. One such example of a club is Soho House, a modern-day club whose membership has, according to Leader Doors, become a “new kind of status symbol for the young, trendy and creatives.” Leader Doors have looked into the most expensive and exclusive clubs in the world – how much it costs to join, how long the waitlist is, and which royals are members.

London hosts even more than one private members’ club frequented by the Royal Family.

White’s is London’s oldest gentlemen’s club, and their most famous members are Prince William and his father the Prince of Wales.

The British royals seem to love their London private clubs. Prince William and Prince Harry are rumoured to have been members of The Turf Club.

Prince Charles and Prince William apparently also have frequented Brook’s, and the Prince of Wales is said to have been a member of the legendary Annabel’s club during its heydays.

London has the highest number of exclusive and expensive clubs frequented by the Royal Family, with most of them located in the Soho area.

Being home to six clubs, New York City is in second place. Los Angeles boasts four of the top establishments, and Hong Kong has two clubs.

Soho House became a worldwide phenomenon in recent years.

Its 28 clubs across the world are bringing together people with a creative mindset.

Its prices start at £1,300 per year, and they offer a discount for people under 27.

Meghan Markle was one such member of Soho House, which many presume is how she eventually managed to meet Prince Harry.

Princess Eugenie was also a member of Soho House, and Meghan admitted in her Oprah Winfrey interview she knew Eugenie before meeting her husband.

Mahiki is a celebrity hotspot in Mayfair, themed like a Hawaiian bar and has long entertained party-goers.

It is just by the Ritz Hotel and is a classic spot for the young royals.

Kate Middleton and Prince William used to attend Mahiki quite a lot while they were dating, and Prince Harry would too enjoy a night out there.

Princes Harry and William, as well as the Duchess of Cambridge, have enjoyed nights out at Boujis, the South Kensington Club.

The small, intimate venue is a great place for the Royal Family to enjoy themselves in the elite venue.

Raffles is another such institution on Kings Road enjoyed by the Royal Family.
Founded in 1967, this bar/club is almost 50 years old.

A favourite of both Prince Harry and Prince William, it is supposed to be an elegant late-night venue.

The Brown Cow is a classic pub on Fulham Road in London and has seen Prince Harry enjoy a drink with friends on many occasions.

Décor is rustic and cool and their food is supposed to be fantastic.

Due to its posh location, it is a favourite among members of the Royal Family.

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