PS Travels Beyond the Airport With Summer Fridays at The Maybourne Hotel

PS Summer Fridays delivered sunny smiles throughout the month as the luxury airport lounge explored a new way to reach Angelenos.

“The concept of our business came out of a need for privacy and security in the entertainment world. We’ve only recently discovered that there’s actually a lot more to our business,” said PS (formerly Private Suite) vice president, Lexy Basil.

That was before the company announced its new lounge opening in Atlanta on September 6. It’s the first opening on the list of new spots — other locations include Dallas and Miami International. The company has plans to perform several other rollouts with a focus on building community connected to the launch of each new location — each one, authentic to the culture of the area. But despite the change in scenery, PS continues to double down on its commitment to its flagship community in Los Angeles.

“We’re here on summer Fridays, every Friday in August to really just keep connected with the entertainment industry that has supported us over the years. We’re here to support and be a part of this moment, spend time together and have some fun,” Basil continued.

Held at the Maybourne Hotel every Friday in August, the cultivated event brings in a healthy crowd of LA luxury lovers and industry pros for refreshments and music at a time that would be otherwise deemed troubled in Los Angeles considering the heated weather and added tension of the film and TV industry with two ongoing strikes.

“Our purpose is to provide a peaceful sanctuary at the airport — that could potentially be tumultuous. We want to bring that out and create a fun space where it’s a peaceful sanctuary with delicious bites and refreshments and just bring them out of the terminal,” said Chloe Popescu, UTA culture and leadership agent. “This is a good bright moment of connectivity in in a moment that feels you feel a bit disconnected.”

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