Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Could Be Buried in Different Places — Here's Why

It can seem morbid to think about, but there’s no escaping the reality that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are going to die one day. And because they are members of the British royal family, both of their deaths will set off a highly orchestrated chain of events that have been planned for years.

Both the queen and her husband have legacies that will last forever. But where can royal fans go to pay respects to one of the most recognized leaders in world history? Surprisingly, it turns out Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth could wind up buried in different spots.

There’s a plan in place for when Queen Elizabeth dies

It’s not an easy day to think about — as the longest-reigningmonarch in British history, everyone is very accustomed to Queen Elizabethsitting on the throne. But no one lives forever. Eventually, the queen willdie, and when she does several eventswill commence.

Buckingham Palace has a specific plan in place for that sad day and it’s known by the nickname “Operation London Bridge.” Most specific details are being kept secret from the public, but we do know that the palace staff will be notified of the queen’s death via coded phrases until the official announcement is made.

The press will be notified and bells will toll all over London. Flags will fly at half-mast. And finally, the Prince of Wales will assume the role he’s been waiting to fill for more than 70 years.

Queen Elizabeth planned to be buried inside St. George’sChapel

Queen Elizabeth commissioned the George VI Chapel at St.George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle to have a vault big enough for six coffins.Those were meant for sixclose family members: George VI (Elizabeth’s father), Queen Elizabeth theQueen Mother, Elizabeth II herself, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Charles’sfuture wife (who we know now is Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall).

However, when Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister Princess Margaret died in 2002, she requested to be buried next to her family. Since there was no room for an additional coffin, she was cremated and her remains were placed inside the family vault like she wanted.

Could the queen change her burial plans?

Some fans speculate that as the longest-serving monarch in history, the queen may want to be buried in a more prestigious resting place at Westminster Abbey. Currently, seventeen British monarchs are buried there, including King Henry V and all the Tudors except for Henry VIII. It would be a very appropriate final resting place for someone as historically important as Queen Elizabeth.

However, being buried at Westminster would mean she wouldn’t be buried next to her husband Prince Philip as he’s not royalty. There are also rumors that the Queen would rather be buried at Frogmore Cottage, which would really shock royal followers.

It’s likely Queen Elizabeth will stick with the original plan

Though rumors call into question where the queen will be buried, based on what we know about her, we can assume she will stick with the original plan. With her beloved father and her mother buried at St. George’s Chapel, there’s a good chance the queen will want to be placed there, too.

If she does, then Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip will beplaced beside each other forever. Just like they wanted.

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