Savage note in office that slams man with very yellow urine has Brits giggling

Brits were left in hysterics this week after an office worker shared a snap of the savage note pinned up at his workplace.

We’ve all come across colleagues who don’t respect the shared space of the office before – whether they never wash up their mug or leave food to go off in the fridge.

But, it seems one worker came to the end of their tether with a colleague who simply wouldn’t flush the loo.

An office worker posted a snap of the passive aggressive note pinned up at their work on Reddit.

In the Casual UK forum, they wrote: “Someone in this office needs to drink more water.”

Below was a photo of the note, which said: “Message to the man with the really yellow, dehydrated urine.

“Please drink some water.

“If you don’t want to drink water please flush the toilet after you have been.

“I am fed up of flushing it for you. Thanks.”

And, many Brits giggled at the moody note. In fact, 16,000 people liked the post and over 400 commented on it.

One bloke joked: “Dude is probably super healthy and takes Berrocca every day.”

While another added: “Have been tempted to leave a sign like this at work, except the a***holes who don't flush the toilets in our office building aren't limited to just leaving p*ss.”

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“Maybe they just take a lot of vitamins,” reasoned another. “My urine is usually darker for the first couple of times I urinate in the morning because of the vitamins I take. I drink a ton of water daily for cycling and exercise.

“That said, dude definitely needs to flush.”

A fourth joked: “It’s when it looks like iron bru you have to worry.”

But, many pointed out that the bloke might be trying to save water for environmental reasons. We’re still not sure that’s wise at work though…

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