Shopper saves £250 on bargain BBQ at Wilko

A SAVVY shopper scored her “best bargain ever” at Wilko after spotting a large barbecue for £100, down from £350.

Charlotte Black, 34, paid £250 less than the original price tag for her gas BBQ at her local branch in Mansfield.

The mum-of-three said she believed it was discounted because it had previously been bought and returned by another customer.

But sadly, Wilko told The Sun that the cheap price was actually down to a "human error" and should never have been sold that cheap.

It means you're unlikely to find the same deal in your local branch.

The Charles Bentley gas barbecue is still available to buy online at full price though if you're keen on getting your hands on one.

How to find top bargain deals

FINDING deals and offers can be tricky if you don’t know where to look.

Here's a list of hacks you can use to become a bargain hunting pro and save on your shopping bill:

Join Facebook groups – Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, Latest Deals and Reduce Your Supermarket Spend are all Facebook groups helping you reduce your spending and find good deals

Get following – Follow your favourite shops on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and sign up to its newsletters to get the latest on any offers

Check hotukdeals – The deal-sharing website lists offers as they're spotted by savvy shoppers

Use barcode scanners – Retailers such as B&M let shoppers scan the barcodes on its app to see if it's actually cheaper than the price listed on the shelf

Speaking of her bargain buy, Charlotte told The Sun she was hunting for a grill to replace her old cooker, but could only find ones of a similar style for around £350 to £400.

Just before purchasing one she liked online for £400, she decided to see if there was a better deal at Wilko.

“I found the best bargain ever!” she said. “The extra money will go on the family or something else for the house.”

A spokesperson for Wilko said: "“While we pride ourselves on offering exceptional value, this particularly great discount was in-fact due to human error in store.

"This product isn’t part of any offer we’re running right now, but we certainly hope the lucky customer enjoys their barbecue and has a fantastic summer of outdoor family fun.”

Charlotte posted her find to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook.

The post received thousands of likes and comments from impressed shoppers.

One commented that it was “such a bargain”, while another said the deal was “mint”.

As the price of Charlotte's BBQ was due to a human error, we couldn’t find the same grill going for cheaper than £100 elsewhere.

But we did spot this similar-looking BBQ from Argos for £120 – and the smaller version is £25 cheaper at £95.

Or if you’re on a budget, then you can get disposable barbeques for under a fiver – at Asda you can pick one up for £2.

You might not be able to get exactly the same bargain as Charlotte did, but there are tricks to spotting deals and discounts while shopping in stores.

It's worth asking staff which aisles clearance items are located on if you can't spot any.

If there aren't any deals in store that day, staff may be able to give you the heads up on when the shop's next sale will be going ahead so you can add important dates to your diary.

It's also worth shopping either early in the morning or late at night for deals and discounts to get the best bits.

This is when staff are most likely to start shifting stock – especially if it's food.

Online shoppers should also sign up to the retailer's newsletters to get advance warning of any upcoming deals and sales.

Argos is selling a bistro furniture set for £50, and it's half the price of a similar one that Wilko is selling.

B&M has slashed the price of its patio furniture set to £70, down from £100.

Tesco also has a new rattan sofa set thats £50 cheaper than the discount retailer's version.

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