Simple cooking spray hacks to prevent mucky containers and make chopping easy

Many people enjoy cooking, but fewer people enjoy cleaning up the mess afterwards.

If you're someone who likes to try and keep the kitchen as tidy as possible when getting your cook on, it turns out using one simple product could lead to making your life easier.

Not only does using it regularly make the cooking process easier, but it also ensures you keep the kitchen as clean as possible.

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According to In The Know, using cooking spray can lead to making your time in the kitchen a lot easier.

And – if you didn't know – adding a little to your knife will transform the way you chop forever.

Here are a few simple cooking spray hacks that will make your life in the kitchen a lot easier.

Spray knives for easy chopping

This is particularly handy if you're cutting ingredients that are sticky such as dried fruit.

Spraying both sides of your knife first could make a world of difference.

Simply add a little spray before chopping, and this will enable the knife to cut through food easily without it getting stuck to the blade.

Spray a spatula before mixing

This is a great little trick to try out if you're making something sticky.

Once you've put all your ingredients into a bowl, all you need to do is spray a little cooking spray onto the spatula.

If you do this – once you remove the spatula from the mix – anything stuck to it will simply slide off.

It's also said to work when you mix things together in a baking dish.

Spray your measuring cups and spoons

Measuring anything sticky – such as honey – can also be a tough job.

But if you spray a little cooking spray before measuring the ingredients – things will get much less messy.

If you do this it should slide right out when you pour the sticky ingredient out of a cup or jug.

Spray your containers

It's also a good idea to spray plastic storage containers if you want to prevent sauces from sticking to the sides.

Once the sides are covered in the spray, all you need to do is ladle in your pasta sauce, soup or whatever else you fancy.

This should set you up for fuss-free storage.


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