Slighted wife exposes her 'full-time cheater' ex on Tik Tok

Woman whose ex-husband installed a hidden camera in their home to make sure she wasn’t cheating reveals she discovered he was sleeping with HUNDREDS of women – and joined a sex club days after the wedding

  • Hillary Zinks, 31, from Los Angeles, exposed her cheating ex on Tik Tok  
  • Said man, nicknamed ‘Peter,’ had slept with hundreds of women during marriage
  • He would cancel plans with her and go on lavish holidays for ‘work trips’ he’d say
  • Ironically accused HER of cheating multiple times and installed hidden cameras

A woman claims her ex-husband cheated on her with hundreds of women during their marriage – and has now exposed him and his lovers on TikTok.

Hillary Zinks, 31, from Los Angeles, met her ex on the dating app Plenty of Fish and he proposed after just three months, with the pair tying the knot on 28 December 2017.

However, it emerged that her ex – who Hillary has nicknamed ‘Peter’ – was cheating on her with several women. 

In 2019, Hillary left Peter after confronting him about his infidelity, and has now exposed his ways in on TikTok video where she rated the women he cheated with and dished out the secrets of his affairs.  

Hillary Zinks, 31, from Los Angeles,revealed on TikTok how her ex husband would cheat on her regularly and deny everything

Hillary revealed she contacted the women her husband cheated with to get their side of the stories, and some even helped her in her divorce by collecting the messages and photos he sent them  (pictured)    

At the start of their relationship, Peter – not his real name – who worked as a pilot, would often cancel dates and come up with excuses as to why he couldn’t meet, which rang alarm bells in Hillary’s head.

As their relationship developed, he would go on lavish travels, splurge on dinners and expensive hotels without her, but claimed he was on work trips.

In an ironic twist, Hillary says Peter would constantly accuse her of cheating, forcing her to give up passwords on all devices and even installed a hidden camera in their house – but little did she know, it was all a cover up for his cheating escapades.

‘He would go out to lavish dinners all over the world while leaving me at home with dollar tree plates, and frozen broccoli and chicken in the fridge,’ Hillary said.

 Hillary contacted and later ‘rated’ his wives mistresses. Some fessed up, but other were reluctant to say they were responsible – but later apologized

The slighted wife got emotionally in a video on TikTok where she exposed her husband infidelity 

‘He would come home with new outfits and new clothes, guns, pilot headsets and new haircuts every two weeks.

‘After we got married and I ran off with him, we were only living together a couple of months before I realized something was wrong.’

Hillary started to dig into her new husband’s social media accounts, which confirmed her suspicions.

She found a long list of blocked accounts, mostly belonging to women, and decided to reach out to some of them. 

One of them soon admitted she’d had sex with Peter, and additionally Hillary discovered that her husband had a sex club membership in Miami. 

The ex-wife shared items of jewelery she had found around her house that did not belong to her, including this lone earring

She showed how the stress of her failing marriage was affecting her health, especially her skin care

To make matters worse, he had joined just six days after the couple got married.

Hillary set out to find as many of his lovers as possible and get their side of the story.

The scorned woman has now exposed her ex – who she claims was cheating as if it was a ‘full-time job’ – on her TikTok page, (@hillary.zinks), which has gained over 20.7 million views and 4.8 million likes.

In the video, Hillary rates the women according to how they reacted after she told them she was their lover’s wife.

‘I contacted the women involved,’ Hillary said.

Breathing again. Since leaving her husband in 2019, Hillary has moved to New Mexico with her mother and got a new lease on life 

Hillary ‘rated’ the women her husband slept with based on their reactions. She said some were very nice to her and offered to help her, showing receipt for hotels where he had taken them 

The ex-wife revealed she found a card for a sex club membership that her husband got only six days after tying the knot 

‘The first I found was from the Dominican Republic. She was very kind and told me all the details, when, where, how, that she actually told him ‘no’ numerous times – but in the end, he “convinced” her.

‘They slept with each other without condoms.

‘She then told me the dates and the hotel. I called the hotel, literally got the receipt and told my ex everything I knew.

‘He told me she was lying. I showed him the hotel receipt and he said, “Well, did you even ask if I checked in?”.

‘I asked him to show me his bank account. He refused for days, and when he finally did, what do you know? Numerous charges from his top-notch vacation to see this woman.’

Hillary said she confronted her husband several times about cheating, and that he never admitted the truth

The ex-wide said the sexual partners of her husband would tell her when they spotted him on dating apps such as Tinder 

Some of the women sent Hillary screenshots of messages with her husband and even kept in touch, telling her if they spotted him on dating apps.

One mistress was aware that Peter was married – but still chose to sleep with him and was reluctant to take responsibility for her actions. However, she later apologized to Hillary.

On her birthday, Hillary found condoms in her partner’s bag and decided to confront him about it.

She was so overwhelmed by everything that had happened that she even contemplated suicide at one point.

Hillary said: ‘I also found condoms in his backpack on my birthday. We were not using condoms so I knew he was using them to cheat.

‘So, for my birthday that year I confronted him about the condoms, and so what does he do?

Hillary told how one of the women she contacted sent her the nude images and texts he send her to help Hillary in her divorce

Feeling better. Hillary said it took her a year to recover from her divorce, which had left her emotionally drained 

Hillary revealed her husband left her for an obscure meeting with someone on her 30th birthday after she confronted him about condoms she had found in his bag 

‘He left me for a random “meeting” with someone, so I take my car and sit by the river and cry myself miserable, just staring at the river and wishing I had the guts to drive my car it and drown.’

Hillary left her ex-husband in February 2019 and moved to New Mexico with her mother.

She said: ‘It took me over a year, but I am roughly back to normal, and would never put myself in a spot where I would have to stay in any relationship that even closely resembled that one.

Hillary said she more successful than ever following her divorce and said women should never have to put up with cheating partners (pictured: a thumbnail of Hillary’s face and a devil’s face drawn on her husband’s picture)

‘I spread my awareness to help young women never stay in such a situation either. 

‘Now, I’m more successful than I’ve ever been and that p***k was my stepping stool, he tried to cut my wings but only wound up setting me free. 

‘I wish I had the strength to leave during that summer, but honestly, I learned so much about him, life, men, the world, love, marriage during those extra months.

‘I didn’t think I would ever escape this nightmare I was living.’

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