Spoilers: Karl destroyed by money scam as David faces Jail in Neighbours

Decisions have to be made this week in Neighbours, starting with David (Takaya Honda) and Freya (Phoebe Roberts) taking back control of their lives.

They still haven’t managed to identify their blackmailer, and with their deadline looming and no more options, the pair of them decide on drastic action in the hope they might get to hang onto their freedom. Are they making a foolish move?

Ned’s (Ben Hall) also about to make a huge decision – is it Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) he wants, or is it Harlow (Jemma Donovan)?

Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) has already chosen to invest money in Montana Marcel’s (Tammin Sursok) company, but could it prove life changing in a way he didn’t expect?

And Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) makes a decision that leaves Hendrix (Ben Turland) questioning the person she’s becoming – and maybe even their whole relationship.

Here’s what’s ahead in Neighbours.

David and Freya hunt their blackmailer

It’s come down to the wire for David and Freya – either they unmask their blackmailer, or they’ll have to do the one thing neither of them wants to do. Before it comes to a last resort, Freya has one ace up her sleeve – she approaches her estranged brother Zane and begs for his help. Initially his instinct is to tell her to get lost considering they’ve had no contact, but he eventually realises he has to help his sister. He relents and gives them the cash, but it doesn’t solve their problems like they think it will. David’s had enough and he lashes out by keying Dean’s car, then confronts him about why he’s tormenting them. But to David’s surprise, Dean has no idea what he’s talking about. If Dean isn’t the blackmailer, then who is?

Chloe and Nicolette team up for the truth

Both Chloe and Nic smell a rat when it comes to Glen, which is not good news for him. Currently though, he’s none the wiser and going about his business with no idea these two are close to cracking the case. They’ve both noticed his odd behaviour, which has got worse since Kiri has decided to move to town. Chloe shares her sense that something is not right with Nic and the two of them realise they are singing from the same hymn sheet. Between them, they’ll keep him under careful watch. They confide in Leo their misgivings about Glen, who assures them that if Glen is up to something, it must surely be with good intentions. Leo offers to get involved and confronts Glen, will he be forced to come clean?

Karl and Susan destroyed by money scam?

Karl has gone against Susan and invested in Montana Marcel’s cosmetics company. Ignoring his wife’s wishes is bad enough, but with the company on the brink of collapse, he is in for a world of pain. He’s currently blissfully unaware though and is mightily chuffed with his financial decision – telling all and sundry what a genius he is. Clive hears him handing out financial advice willy nilly and weighs in with his opinion on the matter, making Karl realise he may have seriously misjudged the situation. The seed is sewn, Karl is now questioning everything. Montana notices he has become withdrawn and aims to reassure him that he’s made a good investment. But while Karl is fretting about his money being safe, he has the added pressure of keeping it secret from his wife. But this is Susan we’re talking about, who can sniff out a lie at 100 yards. She discovers the truth, it all hits the fan, and now Karl is desperate to get his cash back. But with Montana’s company on the verge of crumbling, has he gone and done it this time?

David and Freya charged over Gareth’s death

David has come to the end of the road – he’s done everything he can to save himself, but with no joy. With no other way to turn, he and Freya come to a decision; they’re going to turn themselves in. They head to the police station and drop their bombshell. Next thing they know, they’re both in handcuffs and things are going downhill rapidly – they even discover the identity of their blackmailer, which means it was all unnecessary anyway. Now they are facing jail time and they decide their defence is to blame traumatic stress for letting Gareth die. Will they get away with it?

Mackenzie’s in a pickle

Mackenzie is loving her newfound talent in the Fashion Week launch and is revelling in the recognition. Montana floods her with praise and she’s soaking it up like a sponge. But she hits a snag – the next photoshoot clashes with law school, and Montana tells her attendance is non-negotiable. This backs Mackenzie into a corner, she’s forced to get her uni mates to cover for her. But she doesn’t seem as bothered as she should, which worries Hendrix. He has a secret fear she’s becoming self-obsessed and while she clearly has a gift, this new side to her is not attractive.

Ned finally choses

Ned has kept two women dangling just because it’s easier than having to make a decision. But enough is enough for Harlow – she’s about to force his hand. Amy is oblivious to all of this drama of course, and tries to recruit Harlow to model for her show. This leaves Harlow feeling incredibly awkward and she fires this feeling at Ned – it’s his fault she’s in this horrible situation. This is the wakeup call Ned needs, he has to choose. He decides that though he’s got feelings for Harlow, it’s Amy he loves. So that’s that. Or is it?

Scenes air from Monday April 18 on Channel 5.

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